Pattmyn's picture

Oh screw you BC and your temperate weather - In Sudbury, we just got snow on the weekend...AGAIN. Jack Frost is being a real dick this year.

Silver's picture

What happened to your slippers from the start of winter?
You are an engineer too you should be able to see inconsistencies.....

rbos's picture

Nutrition for the long winter.

Jam's picture

You can see them flying off in the bottom of panel 3! I don't generally wear slippers if it's warm enough to do without them

S'toon's picture

Same here in S'toon Pattmyn. It snowed here Saturday and Sunday, it's currently -12 with a predicted high of -6.

Fricking BCers and their "Oh look! It's another beautiful day here" boasting.

I was sick of this winter in October.

Schmorgluck's picture

Some day I'll go on a trip in Quebec, like many French fantasize. But if I ever settle in Canada, it will be in BC, because at least the weather will be familiar.

Bruno's picture

You'd like it here... Mother Nature decided that this friday, we get some more SNOW (Hey, it's MID-APRIL!!!).

leg's picture

Kind of a Cutey Honey transformation. On a weather note , need air conditioner today in computer room. Summer is here in New Orleans.

Mark Penrice

It... It's just not fair. Give us back our jetstream, you brutes. You're not allowed spring if we're not having any either :(

I just had to go to work on two wheels (50+mph with a thrift-shop-power-ranger suit on, but still...) and it feels like I've had a full body blood transfusion with donations fresh out of the supercooler. There's still snow on the ground outside. I've found a mug at home with a snowman on and am going to put it in the snow and take a picture.

How ... why ... what... April is supposed to be warm. Maybe not dry, but at least warm... Gives us back our precious weatherses!

Also, you totally have to make that butterfly outfit A Real Thing What Really Exists for your next con appearance XD ... barefoot, too.

(Hmm, there's an idea. Perhaps I'll take a trip out to the "local" butterfly house at the weekend. Niiiiiiiiiiice and warm inside. And lots of fluttery flappy colourful friends... also, ants. Lots of red army ants, doin' red army ant things.)

TiakerAvelonna's picture

Super Sailor Jam?

I registered just to say this...and then I saw the comic title. XD

omniwarrior's picture

Hey, Checked out the projects link. Those are some pretty awesome drawings. Are you planning another comic strip series?

CrazyAlmostCanuk's picture

Ya'll are acting like this is something phenomenal. I'm 17 miles from the US/BC border, and have had to mow my lawn three times, already. Not to mention having been pushed outside to BBQ for dinner at least once a week for the last month.
The kids even pitched the small dome tent in the back yard last Saturday, and had a camp-out/ the lightweight sleeping bags.

Worst part about this part of the world is the three seasons. Three weeks of freezes and snow, three weeks of heat, and 46 weeks of overcast and rain.

Jam, you might crack up at this--know the "Goat Guy"? We had him out last week to get the blackberry brambles under control! I might have to buy a goat or two, myself, they were cute, fun, and efficient.

omniwarrior's picture

I live in Auburn, just south of Seattle. I can relate!! The sun is playing peek-a-boo.

JennaPeterson88's picture

Thank God I'm heading back to BC for the summer next week! There's still snow on the ground here in St. John's, and I do believe we've got a freezing rain warning today...

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