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I have a great mechanical intuition. It doesn't translate well to electronics, especially when that intuition tells me the best way to learn about a new thing is to just mess with it to see how it deflects...




I get where your coming from on this because I build a lot of stuff that can take a good wrenching, but I learned pretty early on that electronic components are a lot like sex: If you have to force it, it probably wasn't meant to be.

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The usual problem with electronic components is having to be extra careful not to release the little smoke capsule...

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I believe you mean the "magic smoke":

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Well, if you're into the ironic name for it, yes. The 'smoke capsule' is just more subtle! And anyway, I simply don't believe in magic (or much else, come to that...)

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First his tweezers and now this! He's gonna start developing a nervous twitch...

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As an electronics technician she's going to give ME a nervous twitch.

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Books and Cons oh MY

HEY EVERYONE did you hear that I'm still alive somehow!? I have a new book! You can get it!

I'm customizing orders RIGHT NOW, every waking moment when I'm not attending thousands of conventions or working that full time job thing that I do. I was already at Emerald and FanExpo before I even had time to think about making this blog.  Next you will find me at:

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VANCAF (Vancouver): May 25-26

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"But Jam will you be at _____??" I don't know! Probably not, nothing else for the year is planned or confirmed. I might throw something onto the list for fall but definitely not for summer. ALRIGHT, that's all, I have to get back to everything SEE YOU SOON!

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