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My company does a fair bit of R and D and it's really fun. It's amazing how much work can go into answering a simple question... and sometimes the best answer you can come up with is "maybe...?"



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Sorry, was the "definitely less than eight" intentional?

Unless we're talking fractional tubes (whoah!), "seven" would do. Unless, unless he meant "definitely no more than eight"?

(What, you thought I was going to complain about "less" vs "fewer"?)

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But it might be six!

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Worst case might be six? Why bring in eight, then?

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Adds a 1.3 Factor of Safety. Depends on how critical the function of the device is. If it's very critical, I'd go with 9 or 10 tubes (3x3 array or 2x5), since that bumps things up a bit more. Less critical, 7 (packs nicely in a hex-pack) since you're not risking as much by pushing down the FS.

If it breaking means people die, more like 20 or so. Or you can go with the Brooklyn Bridge's factor of safety and use 36 tubes, if you're designing it for use by the public for a hundred plus years.

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