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Don't worry, everything is fine!

I've been feeling pretty low the last few weeks and as I was reflecting on it, I realized it's been several years since I took a purposeful break from my updating responsibilities here at WT! The winter holidays always seem to knock me on my butt so it seemed like an excellent time to take a breather. I will be back with regular updates January 4 :)

In the meantime I'll be around, running a few sales and getting things sorted and whatnot. I'm hoping to make progress on a few projects, but my priority will be on relaxing so I can tackle the new year will FULL POWER! Have a happy and safe year-end, I'll be back before you even know it.




Have a great break, Angela!

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Enjoy the holiday, Angela!

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But what about my weekly entitlement to complimentary entertainment?!


[have fun :P]

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Darn, I have to wait till the middle of summer... Sigh. Have fun, sweetie. You have earned a good break. I'm looking forward to January!

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I like your art so much!
I'm also a painter but hate writing as I'm really bad at it. If I need any description or story I usually order essay to complete.

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Books and Cons oh MY

HEY EVERYONE did you hear that I'm still alive somehow!? I have a new book! You can get it!

I'm customizing orders RIGHT NOW, every waking moment when I'm not attending thousands of conventions or working that full time job thing that I do. I was already at Emerald and FanExpo before I even had time to think about making this blog.  Next you will find me at:

Calgary Expo: Apr 25-27 (not the Thursday)

TCAF (Toronto): May 10-11

VANCAF (Vancouver): May 25-26

These events will be phenominal!! The last ones are FREE to attend! COME SAY HI :D

"But Jam will you be at _____??" I don't know! Probably not, nothing else for the year is planned or confirmed. I might throw something onto the list for fall but definitely not for summer. ALRIGHT, that's all, I have to get back to everything SEE YOU SOON!

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