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Look I've always thought engineering was pretty badass... why can't you look badass doing it? u_u 

Colours by Jonathon Dalton

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November Roundup!

Hey everyone! Time for the November roundup! Wasted Talent is still goin' strong :) My website is having some issues and I can't post links...?? in blogs??? please bear with me haha

This month a lot of comics posted!

Firstweek Sickness (aa!)
Too much WoW
Eat Monster Hat
Hi Ho Cylinder (one of MY favs)
So Sads ;_;
Live by the Code
and fan favourite Code Fort :)

By the way, Jonathon Dalton (the person responsible for the amazing colours that are now here for the book 1 comics) just finished a new website! So if you wanted to know more about him and his work, there's a easy way to do that. Yay Jon!

On PATREON this month

I posted a new WT-style comics about my questionable fashion choices. I also posted another page of the Food Zine ($1), and more previews of Shenzhen Fast ($2).

For my behind the scenes patrons ($5), I got a bit deeper into the creative process. I posted about how I set up zines, and how I find time to draw while working full time. The Lab ($10) got an exciting update about a seeecret project :) And I sent everyone at this level the Go Veg zine and Self Care SOS! woo!

I also announced a new stationary project I'm working on! It's called The Order Pastel and you can follow it most easily on instagram, or by joining our newsletter!

Lastly, I'll be taking a BREAK for the holidays. My last comic will post Dec 19th, and will resume Jan 7th. Happy Holidays :D :D

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