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Canadian Engineers get an "iron ring" that they wear on the pinky finger of their dominant hand when they graduate. Unfortunately, the course schedule is not very undersatnding of this mid-week celebration -_-

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December Roundup - Happy New Year from your pal Jam!

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! We made it :D 

Wasted Talent had some more best-of updates:

I took a little break for the last two weeks of December, and it picks back up again next Tuesday. Woo!

On Patreon...

This month I posted a detailed retrospective of this past year on Patreon, with lots of detail on the plan going forward. I also posted a little doodle comic about my struggles with instagram. ($1)

I shared a lovely little painting of the eponymous goose from Untitled Goose Game (is it eponymous if it's "untitled"? hmm) and sent the original to one lucky patron :). I also shared some holiday skulls! Yay! Yay? ($2)

I also posted quite a bit of detail on my comic writing process and drawing process this month in the behind the scenes section. ($5)

And in the lab this month, I shared the first draft of what might become a future zine or zine series! If you're interested in how to come up with a strategy for your career, it might be worth checking out :) ($10)

I'll be posting new content twice a week, and you can get access (and support this comic) for as little as $1 a month! :D


A new episode of The Tradewaiters (book club podcast) was released,  in this one we discuss Junji Ito's "Uzumaki". The next episode will cover Junji Ito's "Cat Diaries" :)

Happy new year, everyone! Be kind to each other, let's make this one a goodun'

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