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When I think about what my *boss* has been through this past year it's more than a bit bewildering... Don't worry, everything went fine with the baby, the drama was confined to the offices :)



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Are those metaphorical "sweat drops" at the end, or did the roof start leaking now too? I'm kind of assuming the former, but with all the shenanigans with offices going on, I wouldn't be surprised if it were the latter.


Considering this comic takes places in Vancouver, rain seems to be the best guess.

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See second to last panel. Since those drops appear from above the workers heads, I'd say that this was pretty definitely the answer. We've had all sorts of building disasters (including an articulated lorry attempting to knock the end clean off it, and partially succeeding) but strangely, no issues with rain at all. We do have an emergency tarpaulin, though...

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Love the heart stop in panel 2!

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"Must be a leak in the roof?"
"There are five storeys of building above our heads. If it's the roof, why are they fine?"

....Perhaps insurance will solve this one?

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