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Jam wrote:

Hahaha... other witty 'Final Strategies' by patrons of Mech466:"I plan to bring in a bottle of ipecac. Tell the prof you feel sick then vomit *right on the final*. They'd HAFTA give you a supplemental."

"I plan on writing at the end of my final "Please please pass me and I promise I will never EVER do anything in this field."

That worked for my uncle when he was in High school. He had a forty-something in chemistry and his teacher said he would pass him if he promised he wasn't going to do chemistry in university.


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had a Biology he liked us doing an online quiz on frog anatomy there were 15 of them in all he said do the quiz bring up your laptop and show me the score when your done. well the all the online program was stupid it would show you all the questions you got wrong before giving your your grade and if you hit back button and retook the quiz you could get a 100 I turned an F into an A in his class in one period (the reason I got the F was because I would always sleep in his class and answer his questions half awake and still get them right. It down right irritated the hell out of him also because I did none of the class work too lazy to and it was in the afternoon right after lunch so I was tired anyways) Never seen a teacher so confused in my life.

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I have written things like that before... I also feel that the professor will give you points if you can make him laugh...

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omg i will do it next time...

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Power Moose

I wrote all of mu University exams in t shirt and shorts, whether Christmas or Spring. Started with 1st year Chem in Dec '88 and all the way to my Power Systems Final in Spring '94.

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In high school english, i finished a test early, so I ended up drawing godzilla destroying new york. I got an extremely weird look when he collected papers.
Also, a story from my family: When my dad was a grad student (physics), he went to a final half an hour late in his bathrobe, wrote the final, and finished half an hour early. I have no idea what the professor thought.

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That reminds me of my Controls final... although we didn't dress up, we had one of the few ladies in the Mechie department bring a case of beer to the final and had quite a few people chug two before it began. I still don't know how I passed that class.

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