General Specific's picture
General Specific

Have you tried lying on Trevor the opposite way?

JesseT77's picture

Oh please, gods, no more comments recommending "positions" ;D

shadeofred's picture

oh man, i feel your pain.... bought a matress recently, and i havent been sleeping well on it....

still trying to decide what im going to do about trading it in.

KittyCanuck's picture

Buying a bed is hard!  You can't really tell in the amount of time you have in the store, and even if the store has one of those 60-night return policies or whatever, it's a huge hassle to do it all over again (not that I'm mattress shopping now...)!


Ah ha, it *is* new hair colour!  On purpose, or just bleached out in the summer sun?

Jam's picture

I purposefully lightened it a bit for the wedding :)

syphrangel's picture

I recommend you just buy the cheapest one that's not horribly hard, and then buy a featherbed from quilts etc. It pokes occasionally and requires a shaking out when you change the sheets, but other than that, they are wonderful. :) Makes life easier and the feather beds are all nesty. :P

omnompineapple's picture

That's pretty much the way that my boyfriend and I sleep as well.

Marquesa Jen's picture
Marquesa Jen

We have a bed from craigslist that we put a feathertop thingy on. Yup. Damn thing slides though!

Spizzy's picture

Reading just the few replies here I guess I SUPER lucked out with my parent's choice of a new matress when my old one was just too fubar to use anymore; it's perfect as is. I can't imagine the frustration of trying to find a new bed, since you need time to figure out if it sucks or not. It's like chair shopping; it might feel heavenly for the the 10 minutes you sit in it at the store but 6 hours per day and you want to stab it and rip the upholestry off.

PlagueRat's picture

WHY do they cost so much ???  Compare the price of a mattress to a laptop...  which is MORE complicated, has more engineering, more assembly, etc ?


godai's picture

Because they last longer.  A good bed can last a decade or two.  A new computer 2-3 years if lucky.


So they can't sell them as often.


Plus labor costs for North America for bed while laptop are made overseas.

Jam's picture

That's an interesting way of looking at it. "It lasts longer so they can't sell it as often" I mean.

Calen's picture

It's also why mattress salespeople are the worst kind to deal with, at least in mattress retail stores. People turn around and buy new CARS more frequently than mattresses, so they really have no incentive to try and get you to come back. Every penny they can take from you, they'll certainly try to.

sakuraruby's picture

My parents had a really shitty mattress.  It was so soft that they would both sink to the middle...xD

And then, it left an indent there so it never went back.  The mattress cost about $2000...

So they said f this and they bought a temper mother does not have back pain anymore n___n

sece's picture

Lol we are doing the same thing. Although we have an awesume place we are getting ours from. Its about 4-600 for a really nice one. But yeah when we go to sleep it is compleet war. Elbos, hands and knees are flung at each other, doesn't help we are on a full right now. ^^

IshManda's picture


I's a silleh. I like to sleep sideways on my bed. Somehow more rolling room and less stretching room ends up being more cozy to me. D: 'Specially with a big giant soft blankie o' doom. >w< 

But if the mattress ends up being too firm and uncomfortable, you can always get a foam pad to put over it before you put on the sheets. It worked when I tried it, anyway. :3

FunkyTuba's picture

Bed Shopping advice:

principle #1: Disassociate the selection of the bed from the purchase of the bed

principle #2: During the purchase cycle, take obnoxious advantage of "price match" if your bed stores do that

Background: Here, (US, Northern CA... the Canadian market might do things differently) mattress stores generally all carry the same brands. The trick, though, is that the model names vary just a little bit from store to store. That way they can pretend they've got a "different bed" that's different in name only that they can't price match because it's a "different bed".

So a 980 14-gauge -coil mattress with 2" MSI foam and 1" of supersoft foam might be called a "Hampton ultra court" at one store and a "Broham delux" somewhere else. Now that you know this, you can use the system.

Selection Methodology:

1) Go to a store that has a huge selection. If you're embarrased to go and not buy something, go to store in a different town. Tell the salesperson you're saving up or something... you'll never see them again.

2) Bring pillows from home (this part is important, unless you're going to buy brand new pillows)

3) Try out as many mattresses in the store as you have time for, *ignoring the price*

when I say "try out", I mean "lie in each one for at least 10 minutes, if not 30" so that all the layers of the mattress can adjust to your full weight... try different sleep positions, etc... really gauge the comfort

Get a really good feel for which features matter to you... do you like the squishiness of the memory foam? do you need support for your back?

4) Once you and Trev come to some consensus about which one is best comfortable, write down the full nitpicky details of the *specs* for the mattress... the number and gauge of coils, amounts and thicknesses of the different types of foam, types of covering, everything. This becomes your "rosetta stone" so you can find the same mattress at a different store. Get out your engineer's full-on anal-retentive documentation freakyness for this step

5) Leave the store (this step is important... you *aren't purchasing a mattress here tonight*... be nice to the salesperson if you must, but LEAVE)

Purchase Strategy:

1) Go to a different bed store, any bed store and find the mattress there with the same specs

2) Ask the salesman to give you their best price on this mattress. Quote the specs you brought so they know you know what you're talking about. They will go to the desk and talk things over with the manager, who will look it up on the computer.

3) Once you get their quote, say "sounds good.. give me your business card and we'll call you when we're ready to purchase"

4) Take that person's business card to another mattress store, and ask for a "price match" of this price for the same mattress. Around here, they have to beat it by 5%... when they give you the (5% less) price, say "sounds good.. give me your business card and we'll call you when we're ready to purchase" :D

5) Repeat as many times as you can stomach.

6) At some point the manager will do a doubletake when they go look it up, give a look to the salesperson, and come over and say something like "I don't know how this salesperson can offer this price, We'll beat it, but you have to buy it before you leave the store". That's when you know you've gotten a good deal.

7) Like a car, get the price *before* you start talking financing so you can make a good purchasing decision.

Happy bed hunting!

FunkyTuba's picture

Oops... forgot something:

A quick note about Tempur-Pedic.... They very strictly control their prices, so the salespeople can't make deals. Around here, they are excluded the 5% price match thingie.

If you decide you want one of those, you'll probably end up paying full list price.

Jam's picture

This is a good strategy! We got the quote and specs from the last place, at least!

NochDguir's picture

One word.... GENIUS! i am so keeping this in mind when i replace my ancient king size mattress (assuming i ever get out of school with my BA in Mech Engineering  intact....) thank you

Serbian Goth's picture
Serbian Goth

I don't really get it...

Serbian Goth's picture
Serbian Goth

Gah that was meant for the previous comic xD

As for this one,I have to say you sleep in weirder poses than me!!!

Mortosdersoulstealer's picture

ahaha Amen, I wake up every morning and find I've flipped over and almost off the bed.  How I manage to roll so much/sleep so akwardly and still function during the day I have no idea

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