Comments's picture

I would sooo wear this at a costume party.. I might even arrange one so that I can dress like this :D would possibly take a while to make it tho' oh well nothing that is this awesome is ever easy.

geekflip's picture

Forget costume parties, I would so totally wear this during work!  Can you imagine the respect and admiration I would garner with such swank gear.  "Good day, good sir.  I am from the government, and am here to help.  May I see your hazardous waste manifests whilst you regale me with the tales of your operations at this hopefully fine and well-run facility?"  Though I'd need a grounding cane instead of a hot-stick, as energetics are more common than electrical hazards.'s picture

I would proudly wear it to work, however my work brings me to places where all you really require is a strawhat and speedo (try scrubbing that image out of your head ;)

These places are overheated server rooms, non A/C'ed cable ducts et. al. and plodding about in this get-up would make me die how dehydration... ;)


If I could survive at work in it, It would be a killer work outfit... :)

Mortosdersoulstealer's picture

I've been trying to find a good top hat just to wear around, now I need to find a hard hat/top hat XD

JohnnieCanuck's picture

I'm concerned that the hat might not be sufficiently ærodynamically stable when used as a lethal Frisbee.

Jam's picture

Hmmm perhaps a tricorn shape would be superior.

Sparky's picture

Does it come in Nomex?  Whats the arc flash rating?

I would love to see the look on the face of the foreman if I showed up at the substation in this getup.

omniwarrior's picture

The under-suit would have to be mentioned further here. Stain-resistant wrinkle-free silk-cevlar?

Jam's picture

I actually was thinking silk but I decided it wasn't funny *enough* to include! I like the stain-resistant bit :)

SamN's picture

Wow I just spent the last three 5 hours reading the entire archive of Wated Talent, instead of reading a chapter on gass laws for chemistry. 

Great comic, really afirmed my decision to go to school for enginering ^.^

Now I am tired X3

votecoffee's picture

Not nearly as classy, but I have a friend who works in the mold industry and knows another guy who drilled a cigarette hole in his full-face respirator.  Blocking out mold spores while still keeping his options open to inhale harmful vapors  :O

Jam's picture

It was a similar story that led to the idea!

miasaki666's picture

D: my friend would have a fit if those were real. in fact, he's gonna send this idea to a think tank right now.


I don't wanna stop him cuz i'm too lazy to. :p

rj's picture

I have done it. though it is no wear near as high quality of a costume as it should be.
I did have to carry a printout of the comic with me to explain my costume to people, but even if they did not know at first, they loved it.

EviMogwai's picture

Do want this as a poster, pretty please?

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