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Special socks add extra aerodynamic on feet. Making the biker move 20% faster. But it need to be made from the combination of Kevlar and linen and hand stitched by maidens under the full moon. Also add speed enchantment with a dash of pixie dust to make sure it's protected from wear and tear and possible physical and magical attacks.

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I get the distinct impression (from the injuries) that Trev's dangerous enough already on a mountain bike without go-faster socks!

A friend of mine tried cross-country biking a couple of weeks ago, and she wore wool socks. She said that by the time she'd washed the mud out of them and dried them, they'd shrunk two sizes. So will Trev's socks shrink, and if they won't, what are they *really* made of?

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That, and not the speed, is probably why Trevor bought them. But why shouldn't Trevor have a little fun with it?

I am admiring the interplay here, especially Trevor poking Angela's arm with his sock.

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Suilean Dubh

Trevor should totally tape some string to his arms and helmet to make speed lines when he's biking! It would probably get him horribly injured though, so don't actually do that.

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I just find ankle socks silly looking. But the red is a nifty colour. I can never find good coloured socks.

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If I have learned anything from being a geek, it is that "The Red Ones Go Fasta". So it makes perfect sense.

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Are you supposed to be angry/annoyed in panels 1-3? Or just ....wondering/confused? I can't really tell and then there's a quick switch to looking amused in panel 4.
Maybe i'm being influenced by the previous comic.

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