Suilean Dubh's picture
Suilean Dubh

Just the other day I did my combination for my locker 8 times before I realized my locker was 10 lockers down. *headdesk*

Chikasempai's picture

I thought our laundry light in our new house was sensor activated, turns out it's faulty wiring and totally coincidental that it comes on when I walk in the room.

Jam's picture

Confirmation bias! Niiice....

Fuseblower's picture

On the top floor of our house we have a shower room with a sink in it. But in order to get hot water into it it has to be pumped up from the floor below, because the hot water is gravity-fed. But how do you start the pump? Couldn't find an affordable source of those taps (aka faucets if you don't speak the Queen's English) with a sensor at the back when we installed this, so instead developed a small electronic system which is activated by a push-switch over the sink.

And this fools just about everybody. Push a button to get hot water out of the sink? At one stage the switch had a label saying 'Push For Hot Water', but that just made things worse - they didn't open the tap first, and of course the pump times out after a few seconds if there's no flow. Somewhat perversely, the whole arrangement works better *without* the label - users attempt to open the tap first, then in desperation hit the button - and it works! Go figure...


Could be worse, what if the switch was on the outside of the door?

Fuseblower's picture

Er, the main isolator for the power shower is!

vannet's picture

these sensor lights are pretty cool...unless they are linked up to fluorescent tubes which take 30 seconds to start up

Andrew's picture

The most annoying thing about motion detectors and lights is when the lights go out while you're in the bathroom.

Taolan8472's picture

absolutely. Wanna know something else annoying about motion sensors? While they normally won't pick up small things, like houseflies for example, they will pick up said small things if they land on the effing sensor.

Like when I was on Active Duty for the Army at Ft. Drum, New York. I was the armorer, which basically means my work day consisted of maintaining all the weapons and other equipment (personally responsible for about 2.4 million dollars in assorted gear).... Well there's a motion sensor in the arms room. This motion sensor is calibrated to ignore little things like house flies. I got woke up in the middle of the night by the officer in charge of the arms room and the MPs knocking on my barracks room door. The sensor had gone off and I needed to open up the door. So I do. And there's nothing there. Just like I knew there wouldn't be. Then the gorram fly has the nerve to buzz me. You better bet I hunted down that little fracker with a vengeance.

Jam's picture

Yeah, some of our bathrooms have light sensors, some of them don't, it's really confusing! Although we're so strongly trained to turn out lights that even without the sensors we often end up in the dark :| (and it's REALLY dark in there)


They installed motion sensors in our dorm rooms at college. Even if both me an my roommate were in the room, we could easily be still enough (especially when we were on our computers) that the lights would go off after a few minutes, and it would take several hand waves to get it to go back on. After a week of this, I finally pulled open the sensor, saw that it had only some numbered flip switches, found the manual online, and put it in permanent on mode and just used the wall switch instead. Then I told everyone in the dorm how to do the same thing themselves.

Nira's picture

A friend of mine has a motion sensor light between her house and garage, focused on the pavement between the 2. (She lives in the city with a small child, so security is important.) Once in a while I'll go over to let her dog out and, of course, the light pops on whenever we're out back, assuming you stand in the 2sqft that activates it, but as soon as you leave that one spot, and I mean AS SOON as you leave it, it shuts off.

Kisai's picture

Motion sensors are infrared sensors, they also waste energy. If you put an incandescent light in, you don't notice that the bulb is lit, ever-so-slightly, because the switch has to complete a circuit in order to operate. If you plug in a CFL, it will flicker like it has been plugged into a dimmer.

It's funny though, in most buildings, there is no use for motion sensor lights because the switches aren't located where the sensor would need to point (like with closets and bathrooms where the switches are outside.)

Loafer's picture

I've followed your comic for a while, but this one made me lol in class! Though I don't read comics often in class...
Love the hilariously cute flailing!

LogicMouse's picture

It's odd. I didn't notice the title at first, and I read it as Jam waving her hand around looking for the chain. Because it's a closet. The only possible way to light a closet is with a bare bulb controlled by a chain hanging down from the socket to just out of your comfortable reach.

Or maybe I'm just old. ^_^

MelSkunk's picture

This reminds me of the handwaving madwoman I become as I try to operate automatic sinks. Which either end up making me wet my wrist when they turn on due to time delay, or turn out to be not automatic after all *embarrassed cough*

Jam's picture

I find sinks require a series of awkward poses before I remember that faucets are a thing.

However if they *do* have a sensor, I figured out that most of the ones used in bathrooms are LIGHT sensors not MOTION sensors, so if you just touch the sensor itself to block out the light that helps.

At least I think. It might be a placebo.


None of the ones in my area turn on when I cover them, so they're not light sensors (plus, there's a sign saying "please turn off the lights" on your way out in several places, making the light sensor concept a really poor choice). I find you have to hold your hands in just the right place and if you move them around to properly wash your hands, it just decides you're gone and turns off. One is particularly bad and I came very close to yelling "I'm right f***ing here, d***it!" before realizing how that would sound to anyone outside the men's room.

AmariT's picture

I did a video on like this exact thing. XD It happens to me all the time.

AckAckAck's picture

The problem with gesture and voice activated machinery is that they still not accurate enough to receive our commands. These machines are good for disabled person, but I still prefer the basic buttons/touch buttons. It was simple, easy to use and fool proof.

This give me an idea, a sensor that will help blind folks finding their items. Let say there are sensors in every rooms that accept voice commands. When he/she looking for... say.... a hair dryer, simply say "(insert the name of your AI computer here), Find Hair Dryer" and said hair dryer, already equipped with a small sensor will emit a beeping voice that can be easily identified.

briarroot's picture

SUPPLIES! (couldn't resist) I read your comic first thing in the morning; didn't notice the title. Looked like you were reaching for a pull-switch; I often do just that.

bjmgeek's picture

I had a friend who used to always work late, and the motion sensor lights would turn off while he worked. His solution was to get an oscillating fan, which provided enough motion that the lights would stay on.

richardmayer's picture

So frustrating that there are automatic mechanism that don't works despite that you have all the expectation of its functions and features. That may be from its system failure or any other faulty for it not to work, but there is always a second option, use the features manually. Like the experience I have, I bought a Victorian door at at Bay Area, San Francisco and use automatic opener and locking security. I have all both use automation and manual functions as optional if in case one don't work.

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