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Haha. I can't recall how many times I've done that... minus the racing part:P

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Honestly, when I first saw the comic, I saw the smoke and your face in the first panel.

"Wtf are they smoking?"

But I can relate on some level.

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Ugh, slow walkers. Used to really annoy me back in high school because I was always in a rush, my school just loved to put each one of my classes on opposite ends of the school each period so I'd almost be guaranteed to be late.

But what's worse than slow walkers are the couples who stop in the middle of the hall to make out, so many reasons why that's annoying especially when you're a pathetic high schooler with no girlfriend *emo*. I don't really have that problem anymore, but once I transfer we'll see.

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beep boop

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SNAP! I'm the kind of guy who would yell "MOVE!"

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I smell CG :D

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Mr Awesome


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Gahhhhh Slow walllkers. >.< I remember then in high school. They were bad.... but there were these people who would just stop in the middle of the hall to talk..... and then there were the girls who thought it was funny to take up the whole hall to walk down and then you had to bump into one of them to get through and then they were all offended because you bumped them. >.< Strange girls~

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Quote:ashiezorz wrote @ 19/05/08 12:53 AM:
Better than the scary island girls at my school.
They all stop in the middle of the already-rather-narrow corridors to take photos. In their uniform. Oh, yes, because that makes you cool.

My school has the largest porportion of Maori/Isalanders in the city, so I'm used to them.

I also suspect I becae an honourary member of the community at some point through being friends with one of them 0_o Even when I have no clue who the person is, they all seem to know me... it's slightly creepy some days...

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annoying other people=XD

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Matt-Hi! wrote:SNAP! I'm the kind of guy who would yell "MOVE!"

A friend of mine and I in high school were the type (still the type, I suppose) to link arms, start whooping, and clear a path.

We were heroes.

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If there is room in the hallway, by all means, go at whatever speed you want. But for the LOVE OF GOD,(and this goes out to everyone) please don't take up the ENTIRE hallway when you are moseying. SO many people do this at my highschool, it isn't even funny. Most clump together RIGHT in the middle of the hall like an island of idiots just JABBERING on while people who need to get to class are sidling along the walls trying to get by. A lot of people do something kind of like this, link up in groups where they are spaced apart but the space isn't big enough for even a l'il girl like me to fit through, and just walk as slow as they possibly can. I HATE THAT! The halls at my highschool are really really wide too, so you wouldn't think that getting around would be a problem, BUT SO MANY FREAKING IDIOTS GO TO OUR SCHOOL THAT I AM LATE ALMOST EVERY CLASS GNGARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!



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Yeah, same with my old high school. I always just pushed through, with a little "move, ya fuckin' moron." thrown in, just to be mean.

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You would fit right in in Japan! My friends and I have a running joke about this. The Japanese have two speeds: the oh-fuck-I'm-late sprint, and the I-just-worked-a-20-hour-day sloth crawl. The sprinters are usually alone, but the slowpokes always travel in groups and ALWAYS take up the entire hall/sidewalk/staircase.

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