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My fiancee stopped asking me what the temperature outside is like when she found out I don't have a winter coat in Alberta... I'm more a sweater fella!

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At least you still have good enough tolerance against cold temperature so you can wear that stylish jacket. As an Asian guy who live in Equator belt area going to countries with 4 seasons can be a torture sometimes. Even in Aussie where there's no snow I need to wear a feather filled jacket during winter because I just can't stand the cold.

I want to see snow in my lifetime. But I probably just stand there in the snow wearing jackets as thick as Kenny's while shivering hoping for a warm fireplace and a glass of hot choco.

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John H

I'm with Trevor, except for the complaining about the cold part. 40F? Shorts and t-shirt. Snow? Pants and a sweater. Snowmageddon? Break out the jacket...

Ronald Riehn

I'm similar, except I'll still wear shorts in snow as long as it's not too deep. Even when I do dress warmly it still bugs people out though, because most of my good warm clothes lack bulk. I'm walking around in what looks like a wind breaker and jeans with a scarf in sub-freezing temperatures when really I've got three layers on.

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It's heat I don't like - especially if it's humid heat. Mind you, humid cold isn't that much fun either. But dry cold - yeah, bring it on! You just wear the right clothes, is all. I might (and indeed do) moan about too much heat, and weather forecasters who insist that this is 'good' weather - generally implying that they're going to be pejorative about more acceptable colder conditions - but that's about all. Cold is generally fine by me.

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I'm a "jeans, t-shirt, and plenty of cuddly blankets with a cat nicknamed 'space heater' somewhere in there" guy myself.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot

I'm like Trevor....I will wear shorts in 3 inches of snow but will complain if the house is too cold lol

You KNOW it's cold when I need my jacket ask my girlfriend lol

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Bet you don't feel so bad about him in the mornings, acting like your own space heater.

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SLERPDERPSLERPDERPSLERPDERP. There's something fun about saying that.

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I usually run in summer clothes even when it's cold out, but for the rest of the day I'll wear heavy stuff like thermals, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, etc depending on the temperature. I actually like the cold though, because it gives me the excuse to wear heavy clothes. I've never been a fan of t-shirts. It also means I get to use a blanket, and it's also prime tea and coco season


Totally us as well. I'll wear sandals as long as possible, and I don't wear long sleeves unless it's either below freezing or I'm out of other laundry.. My darling hubby, on the other hand, was raised in lovely FL, and is looking for a coat as soon as it dips below 70


Hehehe. I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area, where summer is colder than winter(usually), so I always find it hilarious when it's 80 out and the natives start breaking out sweaters, jackets and all the rest. Meanwhile, a classmate from Chicago and I enjoy a bit of schadenfreude. Silly Floridians. Of course, we think 88 is hot, but...

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My husband bought this original for me (just arrived today! Yay! Thank you!), because it's exactly like us. I have a four-degree (Fahrenheit) temperature range where I'm actually comfortable. (Apparently it's only about a one-degree range in Celsius, which makes me sound like even more of a wuss.) Even then, it was within that range outside today, but it was freezing in my office. I came outside to warm up my hands and feet! (It's August, Minnesota! Let's have have at least some spring-like weather!)

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