Fuseblower's picture

"(On a personal note, however, who the hell redesigned Neo Citran packages so that I need SCISSORS to get a pouch open???Come on!)"

The stuff we have here that's the same is Lemsip. If the sachets are the same as well, then the way to rip them open isn't sideways, but from the top in one corner, down the side. They tear very easily like that, but you have to remember to shake the contents down to the bottom first, or you invariably lose some. No, it's not brilliant design, is it?

Not fun having any sort of plague at this time of year at all - poor old you. My only other tip is about the tissues you use. Get the ones saturated with balsam. They cost a little more, but they are *way* easier on your nose if you have to use a lot.

greg's picture

That's every cold I've ever had.  Basically, we turn into zombies when we're sick.

Marquesa Jen's picture
Marquesa Jen

Ugh. Stores should have a death/sick friendly section.

Foilboy's picture

I hear you.  Just went through a weekend like this.  On the plus side, I married a pharmacist - I generally just tell her how I want to feel and she takes care of the rest.  On the negative side, I married a pharmacist who worked all weekend, and I had to nurse my cold and the colds of our two kids.  Thank-you, television gnomes, for inventing mind numbing children's programming.  And thank-you Kraft Dinner, for being able to prepare yourself in, like, 6 minutes.


Happy birthday!

I've always been more prone to stomach bugs than colds, but the allergies down here can make you feel about like this through spring and fall. Glad you got to feeling better.

Cadychan's picture

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Also, a big happy birthday to you! I can't be on Twitter for now, but I wanted to wish you a wonderful day. :)

KaPaJuCá's picture

yeah i feel like it to when i'm with cold, but i have to apologize, because i didn't know that yesterday was your birthday jajaja so happy birthday!!! i hope you passed it very happy and got a lot of presents jajajaja just kidding but i hope you had a good time! :D!

rbos's picture

And where was Trevor during all this?

Obviously not getting you juice!

miasaki666's picture

I reccomend italian wedding soup, mainly due to chicken-veggie taste of it and the fact the it has spinach in it, adding Vit-C to boost recovery speed. that, and it's delishus.

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