#520 - Scenes from a Cold

Scenes from a Cold
Jun 27, 2011

The last two weeks have been quite crappy, I was bowled over by two separate office-plagues back-to-back! Really not fun. I've noticed that when I get to a certain point in a cold, I find myself in the middle of a grocery store, desperate for anything that will bring me relief and completely unable to make any decisions. It's pretty pathetic. I'll spend ten, fifteen minutes in the soup aisle sniffeling because I can't decide between carrot-cauliflower-oregano and cauliflower-carrot-basil premade soups. I ALWAYS wind up with something completely random because it was on special display and I was unable to determine whether I wanted or needed such a thing. (Last time it was a cup of mango pudding... this time it was a chai-soy smoothie...)

Thankfully I'm back to my normal self, even having passed phase 3 of my usual cold progression in which I bleach EVERYTHING. Thank you Neo-Citran for your coma-inducing magic once again.

(On a personal note, however, who the hell redesigned Neo Citran packages so that I need SCISSORS to get a pouch open???Come on!)