#519 - There is no joke

There is no joke
Jun 20, 2011

There's nothing to really joke about. 

As usual, the media made the whole 'riot' thing seem a lot worse than it was in actual fact. I mean, it was serious and very disturbing, don't get me wrong, but I walked home through it and it was really one of those things that was easy to avoid if you wanted to. I also feel like the situation that led to riot was misrepresented, an effect that probably gets worse the farther you are from here, I imagine. Just trust me when I say that it's not 'hockey fans reacting' that doesn't represent the situation on the ground at all. I could explain more but the reality is that the event has been very hard for me to process and I'm eager to stop talking about it for now.

Many of you have sent me links to various things, you don't need to, trust me, I've seen them all. 

Vancouver's fine, we're fine.