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Arlo James Barnes

Thanks for many enjoyable years. Glad some RA posted a bunch of your comics on room doors in 2012 or whenever it was for me to enjoy and find out about WT. Looking forward to seeing future endeavors!

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Many thanks for the wonderful comics! I've enjoyed them all tremendously and will surely miss them. Wasted Talent was the one thing I looked forward to on Mondays :)
I look forward to following your upcoming work!

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Thank you for all the years. I'm sad it's ending not just because the comics are great, but because I have three daughters and only 1 is old enough to appreciate your comics. You are a role model. If they all turned out like you, I would be the luckiest father of all time. So I joined the 'all the books!' Level of your kickstarter. That way, we've always got your comics to share. Thank you for sharing with us for so many years.

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I am going to miss your comic. I have really enjoyed it.

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I like it so much, I really gonna miss it. I always admire the people who can mix the sketching art with the text, and as a result appears some magic thing like this comics series. I often read it to relax when I write my dissertation. It helps to refresh my mind.

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Alas all good things must come to an end :(
Also the pile of markers in this comic is giving me serious flashbacks to being 5 years old and reading the book Purple, Green, and Yellow by Robert Munsch XD
List of survival games for everyone.

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