Flashover's picture

Oh man, TOTALLY been here. Wife has had to intervene and shut off the machines in my workshop so I'll eat.

I am RELENTLESS when I'm working on something, thank goodness I have her watching out for me otherwise I would have starved to death by now.

beckawk's picture

Loving the sneaky web address on the boxes. :)

robertmcadams's picture

I was honored to help you support the launch of book 2 by ordering an Extreme Underwater Basket Weaving Edition. I actually didn't know that was one of the purposes of that edition, until I watched the video post launch =)

I am sorry that the shipping calculator and the Canadian Post betrayed you on launch day, but I am happy you got it sorted out so fast.

(Also, as one programmer to another, MAD PROPS to Trevor getting a working solution coded to calculate your own shipping estimates so fast! He must really love you to have gotten that out the door that quickly o_O)

Tyrant's picture

I'm the same way with all my work too. Once I get started I just sit there drowning out everything while I work. Honestly, I need to set goals for myself before I even consider taking a break.

LeslieAE's picture

Totally just read all of your comics, from the beginning. Squee! Very much enjoyed :D
I especially love any reference to "Fish" since my sister and bro-in-law have been calling each other/themselves the Fish for years. We actually refer to their house as the Fishbowl and their orange-y brown dog is the Goldfish. Good times!

Nira's picture

I love Trevor's face in the second panel. :3 You could also substitute "What in the name of bacon produced a spider THAT LARGE?!" in his speech balloon.

cwespey3's picture

....I've lost track of the number of days the wife and I have felt that way... o_O;;

Ama's picture

So I discovered your comic today and I've just finished the archives, needless to say your humor is addictive. I look forward to more hilarity!

The Owengineer's picture
The Owengineer

This was the first page of this comic I ever saw.

Trev's first line was me EVERY weekend the last two years of university.

And that was when I knew this was where I needed to be.

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