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Alexander Henderson

OMG I saw trevs video, hardcore, is it really that easy to get lost? :o

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Hmm... no immediately obvious fatal injuries... I posit that Mr. Skullhead was, in fact, killed by his frosty eXtreme beverage. Murdered, even. Perhaps while on a quest to enfrosten his frosty eXtreme beverage further.

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oh noes! murder on the slopes!

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I wish my friends were this nice.  Whenever I get lost on a mountain (and it seems to happen a lot), they just abandon me.  Then when we finally meet up at the lodge, they're all like "Yo Bekah, where the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks were you?  You've been missing since this morning."  Yeah, thanks guys. 

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This is why I stay off those through-the-woods trails. "Okay guys...YOU can go down there, but I'll go on this nice open trail where the chances of crashing into a tree are very low and we can meet up at the lift in a few minutes." None of them have turned into skeletons yet, but...YET.

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I love that you said "Totes Alives" in the last panel considering in German the word for death/dead is "Tote". Oh, irony!

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I had this experience once, was snowboarding off the trail at out local slopes and ended up getting lost and falling into a tree well.  Took me the better part of an hour to unstrap and dig myself out only to find that i was no more than 100ft away from one of the trails and ski patroll >.>

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Alright..... How about you guys go down that well lit and wide hallway with the shotgun while I go down this narrow dark hallway with the pistol.... :D

By the way what headcam is that? I might pick one up, looking at a few different ones at the moment and I like the quality on that (watching the YT video at 720p).

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