George Watson's picture
George Watson

I'm convinced that there's a market for earbuds with slowly flashing LEDS on them, for just this kind of social etiquette situation. :)

lime's picture

Like this?

George Watson's picture
George Watson

Ooooh! :)

tudza's picture

Time to buy a monitor rear-view mirror.

saigan's picture

I actually had one of those at work for a while, think its currently locked in my desk since a monitor upgrade.

drake7707's picture

Did it take long to adjust to a standing desk ? I mean, to the point it stopped feeling uncomfortable and awkward.

Maybe you could put some plants on the walls ?

halibetlector's picture

I've been using a standing desk for about 6 months and the first thing I did was set up my rear view mirror. Also, my co-workers are smart enough to know that knocking on my desk from outside of my field of vision is enough to rouse my attention without startling me.

What would really be nice is if I could rotate my desk to force people to approach me from within my line of sight. But then again, that's what the mirror is for.

matrixviking's picture

Those are some funky kung fu moves there, Jam. You and Jet Li oughta team up for his next picture.

Shay's picture

I have this issue even with out headphones. It was most dangerous a year ago when I used acid in my day to day work.

James Thornton

The rearview mirrors have never REALLY worked for me. My peripheral vision picks up movement in the mirror, but I have so much traffic by my cube that the signal-to-noise ratio is HORRIBLY low. So, I end up just ignoring the mirrors. I did have one coworker that learned to stand directly in the mirror and wave his arms overhead to get my attention...

zoestercoaster's picture

Standing desks blow my mind.  I stand up at my job all day and I can't wait to get a job where I simply get to sit down. :/

StJason's picture

Hear, hear!

Worked in so many crappy jobs where you have to stand all day. Your knees and back ache all the time and your feet go numb. And yet people are going all gaga for the standing desk? I love my rocking chair at my desk at home...

General Specific's picture
General Specific

I used to have a job where I sat all day and recently got a job where I am now walking around, carrying, crawling, etc. and I love it soo much.

Ksoderberg1's picture

Is that "I don't Feel Like Dancing" by Scissor Sisters? They are so awesome!


Y'know, I don't see the point of a standing desk, though that could partially be my field.  As a mining engineer, if I want to be standing for the day, I step outside and do field work.  All the required monitoring provides a great excuse to stretch one's legs, and it never really gets finished.

Also, I personally find that one of the most useful tools in being a relatively self sufficient engineer is being able to shift my position in relation to my computer monitor (it sounds silly, but bear me out).  It's not uncommon to become momentarily stuck while working on a problem, and the solution is usually shift it around mentally until something clicks.  I personally find this happens subconsciously when I chave my perspective somewhat.  Sure I can go ask a coworker for help (and that still is sometimes necessary, and should be - no one person can know everything), but a lot of the time if I do so without trying shifting around in my chair first, I end up having an epiphany halfway through explaining the problem that solves everything, trailing off, and excusing myself.  Chairs allow for shifting positions (I seem to recall this series doing a series on ergonomics with just this problem), while standing desks aren't exactly flexible.

greg's picture

As I see other people have suggested, get a mirror.  One of my coworkers at my old job had one because she used to answer phones all day.  It will at least save you from premature heart attacks!

Ronald Riehn

I hate it when people do that, but then I usually have my music low enough I can still make out people's voices. I prefer background music, not foreground music.

Then there's always the times when I put in the headphones but don't actually listen to anything so I can eavesdrop on what people think of me. Then surpise them with the information a couple hours later. That's always fun.

Fuseblower's picture

I like music a lot - heck, I record classical music as a part of my living. But if I'm doing anything else, then there's no way that I'm going to listen to music whilst I'm doing it; that puts me off the task completely. I'm either listening to the music, or working on something else - but these are utterly mutually exclusive.

Which means, I'm afraid, that I have absolutely zero sympathy for this situation at all!

Mitchellfrom Aus's picture
Mitchellfrom Aus

As long as the ''Training'' dosen't get to physical you should be fine. :)

Victoria's picture

My cube used to be in the main thoroughfare of an office and it was always such a pain to use headphones.  I put a sign on the desk next to me, in colorful, eye-catching letters, that said "I'm not ignoring you, I'm just using headphones! Please knock on the desk to get my attention."  Most people took the hint, though it's aggravating how many coworkers just breeze into your space and start talking without any warning.  Maybe you can print a sign like that and hang it on the back of the chair you no longer need to use; you can put the chair in front of the entrance to your cube, like a mini barrier so that people have to pay attention to it and can't just waltz in.

ChaoticAgent's picture

It seems like this is the perfect time for you to get your engineering hat out and make something to prevent this kind of stuff. Or maybe you could get one of those desk bells that will go DING! and you'll hear it over your music.

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