AckAckAck's picture

You know you're in great relationship when your SO came to you in the morning just to share his/her bad breath.... then went back to sleep.

jocelyn's picture

haha, so true! When i look back at old photos from when we were in school Trevor is the only person who basically looks the same. Everyone else has aged or changed somehow :)

Michael Wilson

I thought the girl was named Jam? Was there a name switch somewhere?


This comic is somewhat autobiographical - Angela really is an engineer and she really is married to Trevor, and they really do like mountain biking, etc. I've yet to confirm the exploding squirrels, though - reproduction of the effect requires small amounts of C4.

Jam is Angela's nickname, according to the comic, and is regularly used. "Jammy" appears to be a term of endearment unique to her.

Several of my friends at university knew her from before she graduated. (The part about being an engineer is the only part I actually know for sure, but it seems odd that she'd write herself the same artificial husband for so long, and her broken wrist from a few months back is a classic biking injury. Also, I haven't actually been experimenting with squirrels to try to make them explode, other than watching for it to spontaneously happen in the wild.)

Amake's picture

See for a crash course in Jam jargon. (Jamgon?)

Sidhekin's picture

See also :)

Jam's picture

Thanks, team! You're all correct, "jammy" was originally a term of endearment that became my nickname (Jam).

Θωμας's picture

There was a strip, quite a while ago, I think, where it was explained that Angela and Trevor use "Jam" as a mutual nickname.
It made perfect sense to me, if only because of some sci-fi story that I had read many years before -- something by Frederik Pohl or maybe Philip Dick -- where some guy ends up in the future and finds himself in a society where *everybody* does this, i.e. when you enter into a steady relationship with someone, you and your significant other call each other by some name, the same name for both of you, and you use that name for no one else.

EDIT: Happy Anniversary Angela and Trevor!!! :-)

Fuseblower's picture

Yeah - happy 10th anniversary of togetherness...

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