philipinoguy's picture

haha! very smartly done.
if only science tests were that easy ><"

choma's picture

haha very nice. It sucks when they ask you to be more specific. i fail miserably and can never do it :P

AJ's picture

They ask you to be specific, yet they only provide you with a short dinky line to write it on. Bleh... I have issues with corporate minutia like that. :P

Myoukochou's picture

All hail the etc...! Oh, if only I could just put that... I could just put that... well... *thinks* They'll ask if they really want to know. *puts it*

In other news; hi, I'm one of the people who came over from Questionable Content — and sat and read the whole archive. You have an awesomely awesome comic. Thank–you. *grin*

General Specific's picture
General Specific

Seriously, what else are you supposed to write there? Only other option is to list out everything you'd use the card for: air fare, meals, entertaining clients, embezzlement...

Jonathan's picture

AJ wrote:They ask you to be specific, yet they only provide you with a short dinky line to write it on.
I always wondered about that one. The only thing you can add on IS etc...! Another immigrant from QC, nice to see another Canadian! :D

JustMartha's picture

Forms are super bunk, my company is the same way, they LOVE forms.
I'm over from QC too, and I gotta say, AWESOME comic! Can't wait till next week!

Umegaki's picture

I'm another QC immigrant...sat and read through the archives in a whole night and about died laughing at "resistance is ketchup dependent"...that was absolute genius. :D

Me, I'd put "What do you want me to put, then?" and probably get fired for putting that. ;) Then again, my brain never did work quite right.

(Also, I think your comic has made me start dreaming of Canada. That's the only explanation I have for the reason Canada popped up in my head at around midnight and woke me up laughing. It's all your fault, y'hear? :P)

Tack45's picture

The best part is that writing "for business travel, etc." is actually less specific that just "for business travel," so you lose! :)[/i]

maythestars's picture

haha i am another QC immigrant, and i just love your comics!! I happen to be from Vancouver as well. keep up the good work. (I couldn't think of anything witty to say =( )

asmariamoon's picture

Haha this is great, I hate having to fill out forms, but I love filling them out when I don't have to, if that makes any kind of sense. I hate it when they tell you not to do something on a form, cause then you can't think of anything else to put but what they tell you not to.

James.Hudson's picture

Sorry to say ANOTHER QC immigrant who read through the whole thing ^_^

Physics is my area, so I get some of the jokes, but some of the other references.... whoosh!.... right over my head.

Great comic though, love the style.

jayaline's picture

Don't you love the corporate nonsense? Some desk jockey somewhere decided it was bad to have everyone write "for business travel" even though that is clearly what the card is for. They were probably just bored with reading the applications. LOL

Can I just say that I thought the aborted comic was a riot? I was the cost coordinator for my department for 4 years, and that is what it felt like. These days (now staying at home with my wonderful new career--mommy!) I do some part time corporate transcription, and the Q&A stuff can be brutal. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there WAS a defibrillator on hand! :)

filem0n's picture

I also find this unfinished comic to be very funny :)

Gnak's picture

Forms are! You'll grow to love them when you have to fill in 2 forms for every time you go take a break.

Now THAT's fun.

ametur_poet's picture

You can use etc. in anything and it makes you sound like you know more than you do. Such as Tests, Blogs, Forum posts, etc.

By the way, this comic isn't going to turn into another "Dilbert" clone, is it? :-(

choma's picture

I dont think theres any chance of that... Jam wouldn't do that to us :P

invertedteapot's picture

Is it bad when your signature is exactly the same every time, but still completely illegible? :?

Disco Science's picture
Disco Science

As long as it's recognizable as being yours, it's all good. That's more or less the whole point. :)

Sparrowsabre7's picture

Being the massive geek I am I can't help thinking that your shirt and waistcoat looks like Han Solo's :P

ajm422's picture

Once again, another QC-based newcomer, but man, can I related to your comic.

I'm an engineering student at the University of Maryland, my girlfriend is in AOE, and I just got a job (summer internship - I'm a junior) at a solar energy company. I too, am SAVING THE WORLD! Keep up the great work. I plan on checking for updates every day!

Thejubster's picture

Your comic is GREAT etc... just finished the archives. By the way Tangle was very interesting looking forward to Lost omens

Radikal's picture

the nose in the first was kinda wierd XD

advid's picture

I've been there. Had to fill out a form at the library on a missing book. It was a bit of the congressional record, so I had to be creative with the tittle. It spiraled around the page. :P

Vanessa's picture

i just read from the start - very awesome. i will check back often. :)

(i'm also a fellow a.o.e. sister - tau chapter alum.)

JesseT77's picture

k I stand corrected, it's liek Washu without the big floof in the back. Just the li'l crab legs on teh sides :D

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