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From someone who's worked loads of retail and studied physics, philosophy, and literature during undergrad, it works exactly the same way for switching departments in retail or majors in college. You could literally still be within earshot of your old department-mates every day, even still work/have classes with them directly a lot, but it seems like you never see 'em 'cause you're not holding the line together, shoulder to shoulder, makin' sure nothing gets through every day anymore...

Clear Menser

Yup. Even more so when that person gets an office with a door.

And its corollary:

You worked at company X so you must know coworker Y. Rarely if ever true :(

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Honestly, this isn't all that far off the mark.   I changed departments in January,  same floor, different side of the building.  Generally the only time I see people from my old department is on bagel day when the free bagels are on this side of the building.  (Not counting in the elevators on the way out.)

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This definitely happens this way, because you don't get into the inane background chatter with them anymore. Those discussions that totally don't matter that come up as you chat your way through some tough problem or something. If they're not within earshot, they're gone. They may physically be there, but they've moved to a different level of "relationship."

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On another note, JAM, wait until the Canucks win (tonight) before posting one more hockey related pane.   

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General Specific

Lost too many good friends that way, they moved a few hundred feet and out of my life forever.  T_T

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I like how you're on your knees in your chair. It's fun to spin around like that.

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THE BRUINS! TAKE THAT CANADA. (Actually, just Vancouver. I'd totally love to see Montreal win.)

Brian Minton

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