we don't have subway trains in Australia, we have an ingenious system with buses and a long track that beelines straight into the heart of the city.

scrub's picture

It's the same in London! Except during the rush hours you'd probably be touching around 5 people it's so packed on some lines!

hendertime's picture

I can't wait until my bus is rerouted around everything! :S

CameoAppearance's picture

I'll make a mad dash to the train if I see it already on the platform at all when I get there (or if I see it coming in while I'm approaching the station, like at Brentwood that one time); there's no way to tell how long it's been there, so erring on the side of caution and all that. Once I would have missed the train entirely if it weren't for a guy in a power wheelchair who was basically stuck halfway through the doors; I wrenched them open and we both got on, proper-like.

vannet's picture

"kriztov" said we don't have subway trains in Australia, we have an ingenious system with buses and a long track that beelines straight into the heart of the city.

They have that setup down in melbourne i used to catch two busses and a train to work and there would usualy be a 10-20 minute wait for the next bus/train. it was either that or the bus would turn up as the train would depart.

For example the total trip time for my old trip to work was usualy and hour and a half, where the trip by car is now bout 35 minutes, 20 if i push it though the back streets, but with the set time tables for busses/trains id have to leave 2 hours prior to work starting because the next set of busses/trains would make me 10 minutes late.

As for the commuterlympics ive never tried myself but ive seen alot of people jumping rails and fences to make the train, as well as people bashing at the button to open the doors even after the "train is now departing" warnning over the P.A. and even after the trains started moving!

aj2x's picture

I love the superheroine-style pushing open the train doors! I've not done that myself, but sneaking in through rapidly-closing doors was a regular part of my daily commute back in 'South Jersey.' It goes on big time in Boston, but some of the old trains don't properly signal when a door isn't completely closed (as when it traps a commuter), and the train will start moving with someone half in and half out! Usually the riders make enough of a fuss to stop the car before something bad happens.

deserthare's picture

While in France i was so astounded by the metro i almost forgot to get on it once or twice. Then i got on a car where a kid was basically pole dancing to the numba numba song in french... decided the streets were better

zoltan.dulac's picture

In Toronto, this is so awesomely true as well. The "doo-doo, doooop" is a nice touch ... I guess the trains are the same in BC.

Mousey's picture

Hey, does this mean the angry woman voice doesn't come up and say "Don't hold open the doors. It delays the trains." Or whatever she said? It is really mean when I'm at 49th station and I hear "The next train to arrive on the outbound platform is for _______" and making a mad sprint down the stairs then back up the stairs only to see the doors close as I turn the corner...

Comic's picture

I've never seen a subway in person and this still makes me smile.

SpilledInkGuy's picture

Looks like that would be kinda' scary - and a great workout! :)

Jam's picture

Mousey, there's no voice that comes, but they do hire goons that will come and punch you in the face if you hold the doors open too many times :)

The London Tube is crazy! Mind that Gap, you guys!!

Ktrd's picture

Haha, I've done this before, but i went trough an autobus door and had a backpack and was carrying few extra books *-*'

The things we do for an space inside the public transportation...

Alise's picture

Apparently we'll have to leave a good 3 hours in advance to get anywhere by train during the olympics... I am not excited for work.

IcyMidnight's picture

@Comic It's a Skytrain not a subway, but you're allowed to enjoy it anyway! :P

tntocfan's picture

Waaa - I've the whole archives and and am caught up now... :-(

Medic's picture

The next time I see somebody do this I will give that person a high five.

AlmostLiterally's picture

I'm afraid I'd be green coat lady. I've never seen a train before. WE COUNTRY FOLKS DON'T GOT NONE OF THEM.

Red's picture

I tried that on the London Tube. Once. I almost lost an arm.

Hugo's picture

I Did that once on my way to uni and had to spend about 20 minutes washing my hands before going into class.
It was also quite an embarassing situation; if only someone had high-fived me...

Aika's picture

It's SO TRUE! :D

NocturnalVampireFly's picture

Making a mad dash for the train as it leaves is what makes my trips to the city awesome!

kyramasu's picture

usually working my tail off. plus no trains where I live. (not that we could use them on a beach...)

doviende's picture

Ya, i think it's going to be nuts. I can barely get on right now at Nanaimo station in the mornings if it's after 7:30am, so i dunno what's gonna happen when olympic madness hits. This month I spent my bus pass money on new waterproof cycling pants from MEC, and I've been riding to work every day in preparation. It seems like nobody else at work has even thought about how they're going to get downtown yet.

Hatamoto's picture

But there's a point where you just can't wedge it apart, when the locks kick in and no amount of strong-arming will make it go... the bastards. IMO if you can get your fingertips to the other side of the rubber, you should be good to pry those damn doors open!

shikamello's picture

I've done the same thing in Boston. The bus drivers are particularly bad. If you miss the bus, it really sucks to be you. They stop for nothing!

CameoAppearance's picture

Mousey: The angry woman voice might be only on the Canada Line? I've never been on a Canada Line train where someone was obstructing the doors, so I wouldn't know. The Expo/Millennium Lines don't have that.


Same thing when I was in Chicago..those things would get crowded on a Tuesday morning...mind you I almost lost my coat one time.

Mousey's picture

@ Angie

It is true! One of the first weeks on the train, someone blocked the door from closing and the same computerized voice that says "The next station is Bridgeport. Please change at Bridgeport for trains to Richmond-Brighouse" Yadda yadda said the don't hold open the doors as it delays the blah blah Didn't really pay attention, but it did startle me. Haha. Maybe they've changed it since the first few weeks... The green coats ARE scary though... And cruel. I can be running to make a train and they glare and act like the security guy in your airport customs comic, "Ap-ap-bap-bap-ba! May I see your fare please?" Then I miss the train. :(

@ CameoAppearance

Hmmm... That's true. I'm pretty scared of the skytrains, so I usually avoid them at the plague, but everyone south of the Fraser River was rerouted to Bridgeport so I was left without a choice. Haha... So crowded..

Sizerdrix's picture

@Doviende I know what you mean about Nanaimo. I end up praying for late starts for work these days because that station can be such a pain early in the morning. They're saying a new train every 260 seconds (or something) over the Olympic time, though it's a nightmare even to think about it!

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