Ronald Riehn

If the kids are out playing, it can't be -that- bad.


On one hand, Vancouver's never *that* bad. It rarely stays below freezing for a week, and even more rarely even hits 5 below...and never 10, that I've seen. (That's Celsius, of course).

On the other hand, hovering around 0 is where you get all the fun precipitation. Rain that freezes on contact with the road, creating massive ice sheets, snow that has absolutely no ability to hold together, creating conditions that could only be worse if you were to deliberately oil slick the roads, piles of semi-molten snow that's wet enough to soak through anything that isn't waterproof.

So it's fine for the kids to be out playing for a few hours. It's hell on anyone whose only objective in being out is to go from point A to point B.

Oh, add on the fact that Vancouver drivers are no different from anywhere else and feel they can do the speed limit +20% safely regardless of the conditions on the road.

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And I guess that, just like in Nantes where I live, most of the locals lack practice driving in these conditions (I've had Alsatians poke fun at us for this – those are common winter conditions in Alsace).

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The first 5 minutes are always worst. After you warm up from biking you start to enjoy the ride. What makes my commute bad is the other bikers, half asleep not paying attention. And there are a lot of them in the busy dutch innercity rush hour.


It's raining right now where I am. :'(

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Gods Vancouverites are wimps.

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You should TOTALLY learn to do skid turns in the snow: it's great fun! I rode my bike to high school in Ohio all year round and got amazingly good at it. Of course, I haven't done it since and looking back I'm amazed that I didn't end up under a bus. :-)

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