Spizzy's picture

I felt this way the other day when we went swimming and there was a bunch of tubers going down the river. you had to move for them

and this is probably a long shot but are those two girls at the bottom right corner a redux of the asians looking for robu-san street? XD

Jam's picture

That wasn't the intent but it's the same trope. July in Vancouver is tourist season!

Samdidliambo's picture

I think I went on this trail when I was in Vancouver.

joglan's picture

That's like northern Ontario in the summer fiance is from Gravenhurst where the population triples in the summer.....we try to avoid main street as much as possible so I don't snap

BeamStalk's picture

My Parents just got back from Vancouver, they were there for only a couple of days while taking a cruise to Alaska, but loved it.

rbos's picture

Guy with a red shirt looks like he's having a bit of a grope, there.

Laurooa's picture

I did Lynn Headwaters in May and being my first hike in the Vancouver area I was surprised at how few people were on the trail (after hearing about Grouse Grind crowding), I suppose though it was May and during the week. The guides books seemed to have a consensus that Coliseum and Seymour were much less populated.

Rusty's picture

I take it that's the grouse grind? I did that for the first time this year. Nearly killed me... but I want to do it again for sure.


Anyways yes, it is busy, isn't it?

Serbian Goth's picture
Serbian Goth

I couldn't help not notice the squirrel on the tree =D

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