Heh, I know how you feel. In my household, we ended up working up a weekly checklist. When we actually pay attention to it for a long enough continuous stretch, we get down to needing maybe an hour or so of non-kitchen housework a day. (The kitchen varies a lot depending on who cooks and what is being cooked.)

Another advantage is that we can't bicker about somebody not doing their jobs - everything's farmed out, so it's clear who's forgotten to do their share of the housework. Never was a huge issue in our case, but I can see it being a problem in other circumstances (roommates, especially)

momelick's picture

Things could be worse. You could be at burning man. Loved your travelogue.

treborg's picture

I also loved your Burning Man "graphic novel". I get a chuckle thinking about native BC'ers in the California desert.

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Hope everyone the household pulls their weight on all those chores...

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