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I hope you enjoy your sword fighting course. If you ever want to use your new training find your local SCA group, for Vancouver it should be the Barony of Lions Gate.
...I did try not to sound like a salesmen but I feel I failed.

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I thought the same thing, immediately. Though, being south of the border, I'm part of the kingdom of An Tir.
Who's teaching you, Jam? I thought I knew the only "authorized" medieval style sword instructors in the higher NW, and neither is in B.C.
There are several places in Vancouver where SCA fighters hold "practices", where they use rattan swords and quite passably realistic armor (I'm talking real steel plate armor, or heavy boiled and waxed leather over heavier padding), and beat on each-other. It's quite fun.

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Not all sword fighting schools are through the SCA. Vancouver actually has three sword fighting schools, now, on top of a separate weekly SCA practice.

By the instructor's shirts, and the brick walls, I think this is at Academie Duello.

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I'm aware of that--I mentioned SCA fighter practice, but the two licensed instructors I know of aren't through the SCA (though one is a member). And, as I said, thought only the two I knew were up here. Nice to know there are others.


Well now is that some meyer I see being practiced?


This is all at Academie Duello. We practice primarily Italian style sword-fighting, mainly Fiore for our heavy weapons (I.E. Longsword, Side sword, and Pole arms.), and Cappo Ferro, for our rapier, at the basic level. Our director is Devon Boorman, who is a white scarf in the SCA for rapier, but only very rarely does he practice with them. We operate differently from the SCA, in that we use exclusively steel weapons, and we have a different hit accounting system. I am an assistant instructor in the introductory heavy weapons program, and I am also half of the last panel in this comic :). I will gladfully answer any more questions you may have.
A little bit more about Academie Duello,_Vancouver_BC

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