#641 - Treacherous Depths - Guest Comic by Jonathon Dalton

Treacherous Depths - Guest Comic by Jonathon Dalton
Oct 21, 2013

True friends will just run right into the ocean for you! My friend Jonathon made this comic for you about the time I was directing the video for the Waterlogged fundraiser. Speaking of fundraisers, did you know that Jonathon just launched his and it's going GREAT? 

A Mad Tea Party is a brilliantly written all-ages science fiction story. For just $7 you can pick up the ebook version and help this work see print, which is where it will really shine. I really recommend this story, Jon is a really dear friend of mine (I helped edit the last chapters!) and the project needs our help to succeed. So check out the fundraiser, and consider pitching a few dollars in to thank Jon for his help while I get *my* book finished. :)