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Pierre Lebeaupin

…which is why I have the cover art for "Cubicle Warrior" held by magnets on the back (facing me) of one of the closets that delimit subunits in the weird open plan/cubicle hybrid that is our office. I demand freedom from walls!

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Fluffoth the Mehgty

Why doesn't he just hang the picture itself from the ceiling? Use bars instead of rope and you won't have to be concerned about a free swinging pane of glass. I'm sure you could figure it out better then I could because, you know, engineers.

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Fog machine and projector. No frames, no walls, and only the slight decrease in visibility that comes with the entire room being a fog-bank. But hey, the picture is there xP

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I recall reading that the whole point of the cubicle system was to allow open communication, ease of working together, useful interaction, etc... and that studies showed, in fact, that a cubicle system did the opposite of everything it was intended to do.
Now, I don't know how accurate any of this is, so don't quote me, but I know I've always hated cubicles.

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How large is this open-plan room, anyhow? Presumably somewhere the room has walls. I doubt the room is simply a roof and a floor. Even if they are entirely made of see-through glass (I hesitate to use a toilet in such a building), you could probably put a hook on those glass walls. Or failing that, why not hang the artwork itself, wall-less, from the ceiling? Or failing even that, what is wrong with putting the artwork on a patch of desk, on a stand, like a guitar stand?

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Anchor the top corners to the ceiling and the bottom ones to the floor. Ought to work for a piece of wall or for the paintings themselves.

Alternately, why not make a wall out of chickenwire... :)

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