Fuseblower's picture

My wife prefers it if I have a cup of coffee in the thoughtfully-provided cafe whilst she trundles around with the shopping trolley - it's way cheaper!

Xelmon's picture

Wait, what...

Laurooa's picture

Costco and Costco-sized product induces the opposite sentiment in me. It makes me want to get rid of everything I own and live off the grid, away from people. I have nightmares about getting lost in mountains of things I obviously do not need to consume.

Brokencookie's picture

Man, now I want a ginormous bag off M&M's...

Jennifer Samant...

I always make sure to go to shops well fed, it cuts down on the temptation of all the nic,e little treats...

Cassandra's picture

I hate it when you get a tiny little fleck of a piece of candy and it's labeled "fun size". NO YOU ARE WRONG. Party size is fun size.


.... Now I kind of want them too.


I've always found that if I promise myself something sweet on the way home, I'm less likely to buy something I'll devour for the next few weeks.


Though a giant bag of M&Ms would be AWESOME right now.


One good piece of advice is to NEVER. NEVER EVER. NEVER EVER EVER. Go shopping when you're hungry. Seriously, you'll end up with a can of spray cheese in the fridge that you remember buying but not why you bought it.

General Specific's picture
General Specific

Welcome to Costco, I love you...

miasaki666's picture


omniwarrior's picture

Nice avatar... Yiff or be yiffed? (sorry one of my furry questions, lol)

miasaki666's picture

ummm.... whut?

Xelmon's picture

Oh hell yes, Costco category MnM's.

The best bang for the buck. Love em!

Serbian Goth's picture
Serbian Goth

You beat the temptation,BRAVO! =D

Talon's picture

But...but...they're Party Sized PEANUT M&M's!!




(been reading you a looooong while, finally got off my ass and registered so I could comment.  Hi.  I'm Talon.  If I step outside I can wave to Canada across a very dirty river.  *grins*)


I tend to take the "work-around" approach.  Rather than try to prevent myself from devouring a pack of cookies in 3 days, I give half away to friends and then devour *half* a pack of cookies in 3 days.  :P

Of course, this breaks down when you have a limited pool of available friends, and they all have more self-control than you:

Me: "Here, have a cookie!"

Them: "Naw, I shouldn't..."

Me: "I shouldn't either!  Now eat the darn cookie already!"

Ryan Carrington

I Love Costco.....I hate many of their Customers though

By All Means Swarm the Shopping carts like a River and dont allow others to go a Opposing way to yours

of course you can Block the aisle with your cart while you eat Sample cheese and ignor everyone else

but of course, you can steal out of my cart its not like that was the last....what is that youre taking? Peanut Butter? I just picked that up, its 15 feet that way!!!!!!! Get your own!


Ive started just Ramming people that get in my way.......Costco can bring out my worst

Lt. Dan's picture
Lt. Dan

It's so true...

Just getting IN THE DOORS is a challenge. People circle the parking lot like sharks looking for a spot 15 feet closer to the doors.



Kurt Johnson

Peanut M&M's are actually my biggest weakness, lately <.<


Why?  Because Peanut M&M's+Caffeine=PARTY!!!!

Your hubby has it right :P

Laura's picture

My husband and I totally debated picking a bag up the other night.


Me "Look, the big bag of m&m's"

Ian "That's a lot of m&m's, do we need that many."

Me "We can give a bunch to your mom to make more m&m cookies." (To die for by the way)

Ian "That works." as he starts to grab a bag.

Me "Wait, we should check if they're a better price at the Bulk Barn first"

Ian "Good idea."


The moral is not only do we have no self control, we have TWO sources of temptation.

Rick-5tkh's picture

economy size hearty chicken flavor instant ramen. you cannot live without.

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