wowshan's picture

Panel 7: You look like Cloud Strife! :D

Alexie_Dennison's picture

Hahaha, Agree'd.
I just finished FF7 recently. good times.

Flukez's picture

Finished FF7? Just started FF1! and plan on working my way through to the release of FF13! w00t!
Also, me and mornings also don't get along. . . me and coffee. . . that's a whole 'nother love story

Boter's picture

I'm a boy, so I can get away with that on a regular basis. Mad kudos to any girl that can manage it, though!

jpic89's picture

I apparently have magical hair. I never do anything to it, and I get people fawning over it all the time. I don't get it. My female friends all hate me for it. This one time, a few summers ago, I had a hellish week where a pipe burst on our block, and we didn't have water for five days. Suffice it to say, we had to survive without showering for a while. Not pleasant. X.X Four days in, one of my friends asked if I did something different with my hair. It apparently looked amazing. To this day it baffles the hell out of me. I'm a boy, btw.

Des's picture

I get that all the time, no one believes me when I tell the truth or they get mad at me >_< Especially the time I ran out of hair stuff and tried using a bar of soap. Felt nasty but everyone loved it.

On the other hand never try to style my hair. It refuses and has made several hair dressers cry. It does straight and silky very well though!

BinaryDigit's picture

I get it too when I least expect it! :D I have naturally curly hair, and it always looks best when using cheap gel or you ruffle it up when it's the 2nd day. *thumbs up*

Lemt's picture

I think I can almost understand what you said in those panels.
And hey, all's well that ends well!

0netnet0's picture

i'm always asked if i dryed it with a hair dryer (it makes the hair look all pretty =D) but i never do XP

scrub's picture

I always leave my wax in, so every morning I wake up with Final Fantasy hair.

Schmorgluck's picture

I'm not a morning person either, but with my long curly hair I have to shower in the morning to make it fine, because when it's messy, it's completely so. Which means I have to wake up early.

I don't particularly need to style it. Actually, it can't be styled: it styles itself (with the help of some conditionner). I just have to set it a little with my fingers while it dries, a comb would break the locks and make it puffy. I can't use a hair-dryer either, or get out on a windy day when it's still wet, it would have the same effect. It has to dry naturally, in still air. Which means even earlier waking up.

With so much inconveniences, some would say I should cut it short, but no, I'm too fond of the looks it gives me. It's my personal little vanity. Plus, once in a while I meet girls who want to play with it. Purrr.

AlmostLiterally's picture

I just brush my hair after the shower. It is very curly and I can't stand can't really do anything with curly hair. I want to cut it really short, but all that does is give me an afro ;_;

Also, I'm not a morning person either. I'm very fluent in morning grunts and grumbles though, so that is a plus side.

Panel Four - I want to know what sort of dream would cause that position XD

Trogo's picture

Wait, you have your own press *inside* your office space D8

nekoxmarionette's picture

That's what I'm like! Only I fall asleep everywhere.

Edana's picture

People who put a ton of time and effort into their hair always end up jealous of those who roll out of bed and run their fingers through it. It's kind of awesome.

Jam's picture

I brought my own press into work, yeah. I'm kind of a coffee snob.

Trogo's picture

@Jam That's amazing! Also I just bought one of your shirts can't wait to get it ;)

Chief Slaya's picture
Chief Slaya

lol love the expression in the bottom left panel... and the hair! But I guess you didnt haha.
Man I havent commented in aaages... Nice work with the comics! I just took a look at some of your older ones and you've come heaps far! *highfive* for being awesome ;D

SpilledInkGuy's picture

Hahaha - my hair does the same thing ... only worse .. and mines only about 1/2" long! :)

Billy's picture

Well... although I'm a morning person (I don't even need the allarm, I wake up around\before 6:00 every day) I still spend some 10 to 12 minutes trying to get get the perfect comb-over... I really do get obessessed with it sometimes, and lasts for the rest of the day!

and if you didn't get it by my name: I'm a guy!


Idunno... I kinda like that hairstyle in the bottom-left frame. Maybe that's just the Californian in me >.>

Lirunel's picture

You look like you have 3d final fantasy hair. IE: You could slice bread with their hair.

teddybearprincess's picture

Haha, I do pretty much the same thing, only I have to get up at 6:20 am to leave for school at 6:40, but school starts at 7.
Love your expressions. They made me laugh. :)

Leeland_Muffin's picture

Hee-hee, I love this! I'm not a morning person either, but once I'm up, I'm up- there's no going back to sleep. -_-; Hope you get some down time soon Jam. :3


yeah, I went through all my highschool years with the right side of my head looking like a balcony.

Ranorath's picture

see having short hair is fun, because you can just feel your head, know exactly what's up and pat it down just like that, mind you short, straight hair...curly hair, well lets just say don't invest in a comb, it'll just break....

Uzura's picture

I want a cka t-shirt for my english teech, he's from there....

General Specific's picture
General Specific

I'm not a morning person either. Last time I saw the sunrise was because I stayed up UNTIL the sun came up.

Jam's picture

@Uzura Trevor sells *lots* of CKA shirts

ChangingHazumu's picture

I am not a morning person either.

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