#563 - Smartphoniquette

Apr 23, 2012

Yes, it is us. We are the horrible couple who is always on their smartphones in restaurants or anywhere else always. But if we're both equally obsessed that's ok isn't it?


Funny story with this comic. I brought my work with me to Vancouver Island this weekend where I was visiting my in-laws, but on Saturday my brush pen ran out of ink. Due to a variety of circumstances, I was unable to get a refill for it, but eventually I was able to transfer ink from another pen's cartridge using a trick I know that involves a sewing needle and a steady hand (and very inky fingers). Worked great for inking....... but unfortunately the ink was not waterpoof :( So I couldn't watercolour the comic like I had planned and this one was coloured on the computer. The first one in a long, long time. But it is here! So there you go.