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Welcome to the life of Carl and Kirstyn. If I forget my phone, it's a sad day.

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This is one reason I don't have a smart phone. I'm already on the internet most of the time, I really don't need to be on the internet all of the time.

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I used to never understand "smartphone couples". And then I became one.

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Hehe, we go on our phones for a few seconds to show each other stuff, but generally always talk to each other.


It only really starts getting bad when you text each other more in public than talk to each other. I fell into that sinkhole before and I swear I will never do it again.
But net surfing in public is a must for me.

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I definitely use my portable devices out in public a lot. My wife used to, but she's gone a bit luddite lately, gotten rid of every bit of computer and phone stuff except one dumb phone and a Kindle Fire. I've learned to talk and be sociable even if I'm checking twitter on my PSVita.

Of course, getting Disgaea 3 for the Vita has helped on that. It's very easy to do a few moves while she's thinking, then hit the suspend button and talk for a bit.

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Mark V.

This reminded me of Penn Jillette's story "Being Morally Opposed to the Walkman Carries with it Certain Responsibilities". Went looking for an appropriate link and realized that there is a whole trope for this:

Apologies in advance to anyone who spends the rest of the evening on TV Tropes ;)

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For now, I am the only one that is stuck in the smartphone but I imagine once my Girlfriend updates her flip phone we will join this group.

Yet, I don't mind.

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Usually I stray from the internet in lieu of two player games, but that's just me :-P

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See today's Dilbert (Apr 26, 2012 )...

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I think the only time it's "bad" or "wrong" or "sad" to be a smartphone person, as long as your phone doesn't take the place of your personal relationships, or turns into anger when the other wants some face-time with you (and no, I'm not talking about the application). Here, Trevor doesn't get mad, in fact it's almost like he really wants to continue his browsing, but he also doesn't want to stop holding Jam's hands. I think it's kinda cute, in a nerdy way. :3

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Hahah awesome comic, gotta show the wife. sorry for the following, Jam! love you guys! kinda wanna go get a bike now though ; p thanks a lot lol as if aggressive inline wasn't expensive enough.

come up to me and tell me to get off of my phone when I'm waiting for our meal to arrive, then tell me I should talk to my wife, find out what happens ^_^

psht, cast a few dirty glances our way and shake your head, no need to even approach. When I'm in a restaurant I'm there with my wife, not everyone else. I have no interest in interacting with the other patrons except a polite "excuse me" when moving past. I would definitely go ask the creeper why he keeps staring, and "watching people" wouldn't fly. I don't mind a glance and smile, but open staring....

the only thing would be which of us you'd get the reaction from first ; p she isn't keen on people bullying me, yes, a bully, it wouldn't be pleasant, and likely would follow with the party disturbing us to be escorted from the premises. Restaurant owners aren't happy when customers are accosted by strangers. (or casting dirty looks and disturbing the peace)

on that note, usually our interaction is updates on how our friends and family are doing, humourous pictures or comics (like this one, perfect material), and secret texts to each other about things that you definitely don't want to be said out loud, you know, setting the mood a little ;)

so yeah, the couple on the smartphone? you have absolutely no idea what they're doing, it's none of your business (I really don't see how being in the same restaurant entitles you to judge unless someone is disturbing everyone), and quite frankly, you're going to have trouble in the new world if you can't accept that we're now married to our technology as a society.

though "the water glass might get knocked over" comment made me laugh. can't compare sitting quietly in a restaurant to maneuvering two tons of metal down a highway at like 134kpm, friend.

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