0 I understand how they make those job descriptions. Start by listing everything an experienced person would have, then add everything you want to learn from them.

No wonder the Co-op office advised us to apply to anything we had 50% or more of the qualifications for.

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I'm an engineering student looking for a co-op who meets most of those qualifications! Where do I apply!?

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Is a Co-Op the same thing as an intern?


If you define intern as "university student working for a company for a semester to get work experience" then yes. I've heard Intern applied to people working their first year or so in the office after graduation, though.

Co-op technically refers specifically to students using the work placement office at their university (called co-op, presumably, because it cooperates with my experience, the student is not that someone), but it's often applied to students working the summer term in their field of study as well.

Typically it means the person isn't quite as qualified as they normally would be for the job, since they only have half their degree. But then, it also means they're more used to being overworked than regular employees, since the course load tends to be more intense than at work (less hours in class, sure, but it's not uncommon to see a student take on 2 20-hour work days in a row during what Angela so eloquently described in an early comic as "the sucktime" - even the cruelest employers don't give you that much work (and if they do, you rake in a fortune on overtime pay).

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