SaphirRabbit's picture

I wish things were that easy where I'm going this year, but no, they've essentially crammed what you have as sophomore and junior year all into junior year, then again senior year is supposed to be cake.

Red's picture

When I found out that the Navier-Stokes equations can almost always be reduced to the Bernoulli equation, I think I shed tears of joy.

Halfling Rogue's picture
Halfling Rogue

I've found this is true for a lot of programs, actually. Including arts.

Now I just have to get used to simplifying Python algorithms . . .

Brett's picture

I feels the stupid for not knowing what those things are, Red...

Anyways, teh comic's great! You're hair's all prettiful now!

Jay's picture

Maybe I'm just a Kyon, but I personally find the ponytail more pleasing aesthetically.

Brett's picture

I don't know what a Kyon is, and again, I feel stupid... comic's really great!

paralian's picture

Looks like lots of fun stuff to look forward to.

I did a year of general science before deciding to do engineering, so I've already got the first year physics course and math done.

Physics sort of reminds me of the first panel (well it seemed hard at the time but I'm sure I'll look back and realize that it's not so bad)

I really like your comics. I just discovered them today

admiraljustin's picture

Brett wrote:I don't know what a Kyon is, and again, I feel stupid... comic's really great!

The Kyon in reference is a character from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

JesseT77's picture

ponytail moi?
I like teh hairstyle variety in this comix. :3
When will you draw panel 5 where ange is just missing and scrappa paper says "Θ = 42"?

JesseT77's picture

8I Θ is sposed ta be renderd as (-) or theta D:
mean, html entitiy making.. grr ):

jwithro3's picture

Captain engineering, he's our hero.... Gunna take your grade point average down to zero!

reformingfarmer's picture

bernoulli's equation hurt me pretty bad at first... but a few weeks later, I showed bernoulli who his daddy was!

ps for the non engineers: bernoulli was from a very, very long time ago and, other than myself *har*, is the historical best pipe flow person ever...

Snucius's picture

I about shit a brick the first time I saw a Fourier transform, but now I actually prefer them to other problems.

cynical's picture

Purple shirt turns into a purple shirt & jacket, then into a grey sweatshirt, then finally into a purple hoodie fo relaxed comfort for that final year.


I'm sorry, lol, I just love wearing hoodies/hoodie-jackets

shadowreaper5's picture

This is exactly my feels on pretty much every engineering class ever. Except I'm in 4th year and still stuck somewhere between 2nd and 3rd panels.

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