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This is a very accurate depiction of this weekend....

And here I was looking forward to the sun

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Try Ireland, we dont get sun in the first place XD


Given how people react every year when this happens, we'd be happier without the sun. You guys stay used to the miserable weather; we get just enough time to dry our rain coats out and hang them up in the store room only to get another 2 weeks to a month of rain.

And every year the weather reporters say "hey, summer's early this year" at the start of it and apologize as profusely as if they had somehow induced summer to abandon us for a while longer when the rain returns. It's usually longer than their 5 day forecasts reach, so they can't claim the rain will come back *this* year, regardless of what the annual pattern is. (I also wish someone would tell them that having no rain or snow through almost the entirety of autumn is a cause for fear of drought the following year, not a cause for celebration, but that's awfully complex to explain to someone who's surprised every single November (about 3 weeks in) when there's that one "snowstorm" that hits Vancouver with a couple of centimeters of snow.)

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This is what keeps happening here in Northern Minnesota, too. I'm ready for something other than snow or rain! (I think we're all going insane. One day of sun in the past few weeks doesn't cut it for me...)

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Perfect depiction of weather in Toronto (I don't know what it's like in Vancover)

I always look forward to sun yet get almost none

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