#110 - Quasi-fandom

May 28, 2006
It's such a strange thing, the online comic world. It seems, to me, so different from the world of print comics when, really, it's not. The artists are the same kind of people... just in a different medium. Anyway, I have a few online friends, people I've stalked for a few years, who have "made" it. For some reason, that doesn't bother me. But then I got linked to the digital person of someone who was also in the print world... when they replied it was totally different to me, someone had transcended from print to communicate with me XD So I was more a fan than just a person :O Meh it's hard to explain and I'm becoming long winded. The two comics that I'm referring to that are AWESOME and you should TOTALLY BUY and support are Next Exit and Emo Boy both published by Slave Labor. BUY! The FISH COMMANDS THEE!