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i kinda wish we had squirrels in Aus, they sound like fun! Though i suppose bush-turkeys are just as dumb and panicy


 But do bush turkeys do backflips when they jump from the road to the curb?  Squirrels (sometimes) do.

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it depends on how complacent the squirrels are, if they are happy enough to go to your feet and squeak at you all fine and good

if they are complacent enough to steal your sandwich while it is in your hands then it is not fun, not fun at all >_<

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lolazer XD

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Niagara U squirrels are the same.

Also there are epic squirrel vs seagull battles over french fires and bread.

It's the little things

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We have similar battles at Burton College, but between pigeons and squirrels instead of gulls.

Me and my classmates would often joke that eventually one side would discover how to make twigs into spears, which would lead each side into an arms race so that they may hoard the food dropped by the students XD

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One of the reasons I was often warned off feeding animals was because it eventually taught them to rely on humanity for sustenance and thus negated their ability to self sustain themselves.

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grawk1 wrote:i kinda wish we had squirrels in Aus, they sound like fun! Though i suppose bush-turkeys are just as dumb and panicy

Wait bush turkeys!
Could these be the 'Raptor Turkeys' I see at our zoo who scurry way in packs and steal food that i dropped D8

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Serbian Goth

What kind of squirrels live in Canada??? O_O'

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John H

My former roommate would feed the damn squirrels in our yard, to the point they would climb the door jamb to look through the window to see if he was coming to feed them. One time, one of them followed me into the house and I had to chase it out with a broom.


We had the fattest damn squirrels in the county...

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I was working on a class project in a park by my house and a damn squirrel LITERALLY stole my coffee. I was not very happy about that, but it made a good story to tel my prof.

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