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I still have items at home with Angela and Teresa written on them. LOL

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I remember visiting a friend's house one time, and looking at the army issue hand towel in the bathroom, and realizing it had my name on it. He had "liberated" it from me.

Ronald Riehn

I have eye pro with removable lenses. I put a little series of paint marks on the top edge of the lens where it's covered by the frame, and a matching mark on the leg -under- the pad. Also making them unique was mis-matched styles of lens and frame, but they still fit together.

Still didn't stop some damn female SFC from swiping them when I went to the latrine. I wasn't even accusing her of stealing, was willing to accept it as an accident, just wanted to check for my paint marks. She threw a fit, my SSG pulled me out of it. And thus I never buy Oakleys anymore.


My mother has a nailbrush labeled "Hospital Property" from her nursing days (which was something like 30 years ago). Apparently the nailbrushes they used for scrubbing pre-surgery are so good that even 30+ years after they were considered worthy of being discarded, it's still better than anything on the commercial market. (Also, labeling was done by imprinting big bold letters in the injection mold such that the label also lasts said 30+ years.) When they say they don't make things the way they used to, they're not kidding.

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