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I've come to check on your comic each night while I'm at work (I'm on the overnight shift) as part of the regular comics I follow. It sucks to hear you're ending it, but sounds like you have your eyes on bigger things and that is awesome. I want to join any others that have said I will miss the comic and wish you the best of luck in whatever comes your way in the future.


I'd say part of it is certainly just youth - my parents had the Cold War and the Space Race, their parents had the Depression and uhh...dead Nazis? Their parents had the prewar arms race and ...sanitation systems? Or are the sewers the big thing for the next generation back? (It's kinda weird that the idea of centralized sewer systems is only 150ish years old) Point is, everyone can point to at least one impending apocalypse and at least one major technological development in their lifetime. At least until you get to preindustrialized Europe or you track back to the places that weren't as lucky as Europe.

Sorry to hear you're shutting down the comic, but it's fully understandable. Even a weekly comic must take a fair bit of time to produce, and a full time engineering job eats up a lot of that time. Best of luck going forward.

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I'm sad that your comics are numbered! Having also gone through UBC engineering and working in Vancouver, I've always be a big fan of your work. Can't wait to see whats next, Jam, best of luck! :)

I'm hoping you will be at VanCAF with your latest books to sign... or will they be exclusive to Kickstarter??

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I'm going to try to be at VanCAF but I'm printing limited books (so there's a risk I will run out, even in person). If you absolutely want to reserve a copy, I recommend the Kickstarter. I need to know how many to print and Kickstarter is the only way I have to gather that data!


For what it's worth, I don't think anything IMPORTANT will ever change just SUDDENLY. Especially since the biggest thing is people, and people naturally resist big, sudden changes. Especially in themselves.

A lot of people are jerks. A lot of people aren't. Everyone has their opinions that they think are right. And very few of them actually welcome sudden shifts in their routines or viewpoints. Anything BIG will be tied up for ages while we slowly adapt to it.

The only way for a big, sudden change to be total will be if it's externally imposed upon us by an outside force. Aliens. Suddenly emergent AI. A foreseeable catastrophe such as a meteor. A foreseen catastrophe like the dormant super volcano under Yellowstone erupting. California finally breaking off and sliding into the pacific. The world finally getting together, sawing off Florida (America's Wang) and launching it into space. ALIENS sawing off Florida and launching it into space. Canada finally launching its invasion of the world and...I've said too much, may the Mooselords forgive my transgression.

I may just be a cynic though....and I AM having a fairly crummy few days to a week....

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