Comic's picture

I do love your different approaches to fighting off sickness. 


Man! I am a bit jealous! You are gonna have so much fun!! Thailand is the best!! If you need a trustworthy place in Chiang Mai, then use the Banana Guest House.

Watch out for the Touts!


Sogemplow's picture

Oh man, I lived in Bangkok for 4 years. Fantastic place.


Trev will most likely enjoy Pantip Plaza which is just boatloads of cheap hardware and when you get sick of his nerdgasming, theres Platinum Fashion Mall almost literately next door.

A few usefull phrases (although i can't spell in propper thai phonetics):

Tao rai - how much

Peng [mac mark] - [very] expensive (although try not to overpronounce the r)

Leo sai/qua - left/right

tini - here/stop

Sawa di ka/kup - hi for girls/dudes

mai chai - no

chai - yes

tum (i think) - tasty

Kup coon ka/kup - thank you (theres a special way to say thank you very much but i haven't used thai in a while)

kuhn - an honorific, just in case you get into trouble and need to be resectful

nip noi - little bit


Probably in your traveler's handbook, but those are the phrases i used most. As long as you learn 1-10 in Thai on top of that you should be good.

If you don't feel like fish or spicy when you want to eat, cow pat gai (chicken fried rice) is always good. My favorite dish infact.

If you go to MBK theres a store on the ground floor called Camp Jeans, its just piles and piles of jeans. You can get legit deisel jeans for $30 and they'll even take them up for you.

The japanese food in Thailand is pretty great if you get sick of Thai.

Chances are you'll get sick from the food, a method I found of beating this is to go to 711 and buy a bottle of the pre-mixed milo. Chug that and later that day you'll puke, then you can eat whatever you want and feel fine. You're gonna puke anyway, this just speeds it all up.

Watch your wallet and don't take the brown acid. Also, Barracude on Soi Cowboy is a good strip club if y'all insist on doing the thai strip club trope although they don't do ping pong shows there. Also, if you get off the skytrain at the Nana stop, you'll be right on Soi 8. Theres a great little Australian pub there, it was my watering hole on my way home from the tech school i was attending.


That's about all I learned in Thailand, hope it helps and I hope you have a great trip!

Sogemplow's picture

Also I forgot, the pub's name is Soi 8 Pub. Go figure.

Susan Cooper

That's how my hubby felt the first time he deployed. All he got were shots, shots, and one giant jar of pills that I think he's still taking... @_@

Bigsby's picture

If you're going to southern Thailand the two islands you have to go to are Koh Pangyan and Koh Phi Phi. I was in Thailand for a month with my family a long time ago and those were the coolest places to go.

Also, Banana pancakes. Eat them.

Brittanic's picture

Have a great time in foreign land? How long are you on holiday for anyway? Also, because I'm a bit of a nerd on the matter - who you flying with?

General Specific's picture
General Specific

Have Fun! :D

sweeks's picture

Don't plan your trip, or at least don't plan everthing. Just show up and see what happens, when I was traveling we had more fun seeing where the wind took us.

Jam's picture

We've been trying not to plan much. IT HAS BEEN KILLING ME.

drake7707's picture

Awesome expressions :p, I laughed at the one in the 3rd panel.

Have a safe trip & nice holiday & safe trip back.

(In case of emergency (or for the noms) ,find a bananaphonetree!)

vibe1535's picture

Go bananaphonetrees!

miasaki666's picture

OMG, i feel a LOT better now about only being able to go back home to china, then come back to canada.....


(i never go anywhere else because my parents have no time to come with me)

rjoy's picture

Good luck.  I love Thailand.  I lived across the Chao Phriya from Siam for 7 months and there are the useful things that you might want to know:

Be sure to eat Issan food like som tam,and  larb (pronounced lahb).  You can find som tam street carts.  They are okay if you are not in touristy areas.


Eat icecream on a hotdog bun with cow nee ow.  It sounds strange but it is tasty.

If you make it to Chiang Mai be sure to eat kow soii.  Eat the pickled cabbage in it.

The fruits from the street vendors are okay to eat from.  Be sure to try pickled fruit and unripened mangos with sugar and salt (my favorite).  Also, be sure to get a freshly cut durian it smells less.  

Haggling is standard for everything except food.

Also, never ever let the cab drive not charge you the meter price.  Be sure to watch the meter too.  I have been in cabs with rigged meters.  You need to say taxi meter (rising tone at the end of both words) before you get in it and be sure that it is perfectly clear.  This is how they rip off farang's (white people/foreigners). 

Be sure to wear closed toe shoes to the Grand palace and pants or skirts and don't miss Golden Mount, it was one of my favorite Wats.

Be careful of anything you buy at Pantip.  Test it in shop and check for a serial code. 

Be sure to have small baht.  You can generally get change at 7-11 or at the toll booths.

Also, Be sure to say Chok Dee Kah/Krup (female/male) when you leave a cab or after eating at a restaurant or buy anything.  It will make his/her day.   


Chok Dee Kah!  Enjoy Bangkok!  

Kira's picture

*squeel!* Have awesome fun on your trip! Be safe there!!! *glomps* Gonna miss you but you deserve lotsa fun in vacation-honeymoon time!!!!

Xelmon's picture

Ach, immunization.

Just remember to take a acetaminophen or two.

Have a nice trip you guys!

mykreal's picture

This is the only web comic I read on a daily basis and I'll tell you why:

You don't use digital coloring!  Each strip is the ink and markers your hand put into it and it really shows.  I feel the colors and lines lose their life digitally, and your comic has immense life and draw to it because of the organic look.

Keep it  up!  Love it!

zDubya81's picture

That's awesome! I actually live in Chiang Mai, and you should deffinitely visit Northern Thailand. It's the best.


I registered just so I could promote my area, that's how awesome it is.

Mortosdersoulstealer's picture

Worse than the shots is going to be the plane food XD

Have fun!!! can't wait to see what halarity will insue from your Tailand adventures ^_^

Enerjak's picture

Hahaha oh man, I want to join my sister and her fiance in Nepal next year to do this 30 day ish trek to Everett Base Camp, but I'd have to start taking pills and vaccinations and stuff NOW and they're all RETARDED EXPENSIVE :((((((

I hope you have fun! I can't wait to see all those guest comics :D

HybridKiwi's picture

Oh my God, you've always reminded me a little bit of my big sister, but now this is too much. My sister is married to a Thai man, and visits there frequently. I wish I could refer you to his aunt who likes to show you around to all the best restaurants and scenic shrines.

Also, looooooong time stalker and first time poster :) Found this site on Stumble back at the beginning of the year, read through the entire archive in a day, it was so addicting. I had forgot all about it until about a month ago, but I couldn't remember the name and had to do a bit of digging. Now I'm a regular bona-fide stalker! <3

Andrew Kunz

My mother is originally from Bangkok. I spent a year there as a child. I had a really good time, and I agree with everything mentioned before. (Just don't drink the Red Bull. Seriously.)


Also, Death by Pina Colada would an excellent name for a band.

vibe1535's picture

Have a safe trip and a good time. You guys really deserve it.

Alison Fuller

I love it! Death by Pina-Colada! XD

silent_knight's picture

I didn't have any shots before I went to Thailand. I guess I'm lucky I didn't get sick.

Rusty's picture

Ohh! Have fun! Maybe I'll be working on your return flight! ...probably not though. I'm not flying until December! lol

Rick-5tkh's picture

*cowers in fear of reminder of army shot memoriez....HALP T.T* pills, shots, nasal sprays, food with MORE medz in it....ugh. stupid experimental stuff! think the food just tasted bad anyways. thats what I get for eating KFC in kuwait.

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