Anonymous's picture

well, my last nightmare was about little girl from
film called "Ring"

Anonymous's picture

Speaking about education, it`s not so terrible in our
country, it`s even almost free.
But our army is terrrrible. And horrrrrible

Aika's picture

At least you're not in high school anymore... your nightmares are my reality Dx

jadedcritic's picture

Bah, the ones I really freaking hate is when you dream you can't get to sleep. :evil:

Marsillio's picture

God, I envy your bad dreams. Mine tend to be several different shades of f***ed up.

Rhia-chan's picture

Ditto with Aika. Though we have it worse, how am I supposed to get into University or College with insanely intelligent Asians scoring 105%? It's getting almost impossible nowadays :shock:

Red's picture

A stupid kid from the sticks got into his desired program with surprisingly little effort. I wouldn't worry too much.

brakoth's picture

man high school sucks. but i hads a strange nightmare once. picture nothing. pure darkness. (btw, scared of teh dark, so it suckz for meh [<:(]) then all of a sudden u hear "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR" then its "BAAAHHH". scary part is when i woke up, i couldnt see for 10 min. i fear mah brain

DannyboyO1's picture

Scariest thing to me about standardized testing was that it always put me in the top 1%. Which... since I grew up knowing actual geniuses and how far below them my brain sits... I looked at those scores and thought "My god... if the average is that far down... we are a doomed species.

Chiomi's picture

Canadian standardized tests and American ones. The most frightening thing I know of is the AP US Gov test. There were three essays, each worth twenty points (100 total on the test). I completely missed one and only got one of the required three points written coherently on another, and I got a four (out of five) on the test. Why? Because the entire state of Alabama is required to take it to graduate, and it's graded on a curve.

AJ's picture

Is Trevor's blanket the Canadian flag?

Mr Awesome's picture
Mr Awesome

I wish I could have those kinds of nightmares. Mine are just plain disturbing. And for me that takes a lot! DX

lotuscho's picture

are you sure you're not asian, Jam? XD

interwebman's picture

i control my dreams.

fabbelabben's picture

That's really funnt to do, controlling em.

bnvoshol's picture

We are far too similar.

(I've thought the exact same thing, I'm going to school for ME, my boyfriend is completely into computers, and I have a feeling we think very similarly. If only I could draw...)

Anonymous's picture

Controlling dreams is obviously a matter of psychological power..
I believe many people can do this.
And it eels good when you can right?..hehe


Suilean Dubh's picture
Suilean Dubh

I was traumatized earlier this year by being Stage Manager for my school's production of Cabaret. I had a nightmare that we had to put the play on again, only it was in the auditorium instead of the Black Box theater, and all the actors had their backs facing the audience, and all the furniture was different, and my techies wouldn't listen to me. I woke up utterly terrified.

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