reynard61's picture

*Downhill* biking?! Ha! Gravity is for wimps! Try *uphill* biking. *That*'ll bring the pain *real* fast...


Yay! Swords are awesome. I haven't seen you around the school recently, glad to hear you're keeping up with it!

Nick Sandman

Huh.. could someone explain this exchange for me? Australian here and the way we do it is "Can I try this on?" then they say "Sure, over there". Sometimes you get a token saying how many items you have with you. Never been asked my name/sport.

Jam's picture

DRev below is correct, this is a lululemon store, that's just part of their brand identity, I guess! They are all about active lifestyle.

S'toon's picture

What store asks you for your name and sport to use the changing rooms? How is my name and sport anyone's business if I want to see if something fits?

Oh, I see Nick has the same question and he's not even in the same country or even continent as us.

KrystaVixen's picture

Bonus points if you convinced him that was all one activity. No, no. That's "Downhill Bicycle Longsword Battles!"

DRev22's picture

Having been to the stores myself, and guessing from the brand Jam put on there, that's a lululemon store. Great fitness store, but I can't afford half of it. They ask you for your name and what sport you're shopping for so that they can get a better idea of what to bring you or make conversation.

Jam's picture

Yeah no kidding! I only caved and went back because the pair of pants I've been wearing for years have STILL held up really well.

Gdornan's picture

Go to the outlet store :D It suddenly becomes somewhat affordable. And yeah they hold up really well still wearing my stuff from 2006!

Starblast16's picture

I'd love to learn how to use a sword! I'm more into short swords and Longswords. You wouldn't see me use a Rapier unless I had no other choice.

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