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Garbage Islands - great... :-( We have two of them, and will have to clear out both this year. By a quick estimate of volume, this will take at least two of the largest garbage removal containers you can hire... and this stuff builds up so quickly, it's almost depressing. We'll recycle what we can, but I already know that this takes about ten times the effort, and is essentially non-productive from a company point of view so it's not exactly encouraged...

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I didn't know it until today: my goal in life is having a job describable as "nobody knows what he does, but he sure does a lot of it"

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I used to work at a place like that! Our garbage island was right outside of my cube!

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We print a lot of D-size (24x36) plan sheets and if we go a few weeks without emptying out the 10 1/4 gallon recycle bin, we end up with telescoping rolls of plan sheets that resemble a small bamboo shrub. Fortunately, we've only once come to the point where it was 5' tall and trying to grow "branches"...


So what DO you guys do? (Within the bounds of the confidentiality agreements, of course)

And congratulations on launching the third book (according to the timer).

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I can relate, although most of my "garbage islands" tend to be virtual....code snippets, log files, whiteboard snapshots. I totally believe that the mother of all innovation is in trying and discussing. You never know whether two pieces will fit together - logically or physically - until you actually try it. :)

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