Jay's picture

I remember my first time. It was like a decade and some ago >_>

sandy's picture

You had me til the dollar signs... I haven't paid more than $30 for glasses in years.  Online shopping!

ryytikki's picture

A friend of mine spent 4 hours looking around shops clutching his prescription before he found a pair that he liked XD

Haafu's picture

I got my first glasses last week... and I'm soooo glad. It took a while to choose the right glasses but it was worth the trouble. I can read street signs and look at the stars without any problems :D

P.S.: My first post. Hello there :3

Ashtae22088's picture

I have been reading the comic for a long time now, but never registered. However, your recent comic had me cringing enough for you that I just had to atleast let you know about the wonderful world of cheap online glasses. I got to a website called and got my awesome glasses (that people compliment for on all the time) for 22 dollars which included shipping, frames, and lenses. The site has glasses starting at 9 dollars and it only costs 5 dollars more to make any frame into prescription sun glasses! I used to pay well over 300 dollars for my glasses every time I needed a new pair. I'm one of those unlucky people that are pretty much useless without glasses and wear them constantly--also I'm clumsy so they broke alot. I pretty much bought a new pair every year. The site saved me so much money so I really <3 it. Also I love the comic! It's officially inspired me to move to Canada lol.

Jam's picture

I'm so worried about how glasses bought online would look on my face, though... how do you know they will look okay!?

I will definitely try online next time, because this pair was ri-DI-culously expensive, and it was the cheapest place in the mall.

sandy's picture

I get my glasses at Zenni Optical, too.  And my parents' glasses, and my kids' glasses.  And if you're worried about how they'll look on your face, just get ten different pairs, at eight bucks a pop you can afford to be wrong.  Now I got a pair for hockey, prescription sunglasses for driving, etc.  It always bugged me that they would charge $300~$600 bucks for what's essentially a bit of glass and some bent wire. 

Azureskies's picture

There's also that has ads everywhere. I read some reviews and it seems to be hit and miss at times. I have a hard time choosing too, I always settle with an okay pair. :/ I got my current pair during a trip to China. It was in a bigger-than-you'd-expect glasses mall. Glasses + Transitions Lenses = $30 CAD.

sakuraruby's picture

It always takes me forever to choose glasses even though I've been doing it all my life. D:


each time I change my classes I need an entire day walking around EVERY store on the city xD

larofan's picture

i'm wearin glasses since like forever... just wait till you change them once or twice and then look at some photos of you from the time before

you'll be amazed at how ridiculous you looked :)

cryxia's picture

I wear glasses to drive, but I prefer contacts on occasions. Glasses get in the way of doing things.


Also, Jam has it hard, being labelled as damaged goods :(

Alise's picture

Well, there are always contacts! I wasn't sure I'd be able to wear them, but they're no problem!

greg's picture

"Blindie."  Now that's a new one on this bespeckled dude.

syphrangel's picture

Next time you need glasses, I suggest They are based in Vancouver and super cheap.

Boter's picture

I spent a bit too much for my glasses, I think, right at the optometrist's, but I personally felt that they were worth it. Flexons, mm - I can take a basketball to my face and they won't break, only my nose will. And Nike branded. With magentic clip-on sunglasses. $400. I'm such a consumer whore v.v "Oh, my prescription changed? Yeah, lenses are all I need, thanks."

Top Hat's picture
Top Hat

So, first time poster, but long time reader. Saw Jam at Comic con and she drew the best picture ever of me in my top hat. I actually look hadsome in the drawing. But anyway, onto the topic.

Personnally, I think you could totally pull off the hot librarian look with glasses on, but that's just me. If you feel like you can't find any, there are always contact lenses. And if you don't feel like stabbing your eye with your finger and placing a contact lense in there, Lasik eye surgery is getting rather cheaper these days from what I hear. Pay them once and you have good eyes again.

As for the cost of glasses: yes, they are expensive. Personnally, my last pair was 300 dollars, but then my last pair are transition lenses, with wrap around prescription that reduces glare. Also, glass and it's substitute's are hard to machine. They are small items with -  I would have to assume- tight tolerances. This makes it very time consuming to make.  

Serbian Goth's picture
Serbian Goth

Well I can't sya for sure looking at a drawing,but the first one looked good to me...and the one you were actually wearing on panel 5.

But the most painfull thing is the waste of money xD

lampreyiii's picture
lampreyiii (not verified)

Man, Trevor is quite the insufferable cock. You're actually marrying this guy?

nexox's picture

Ahh, glasses shopping - I dread it so much that I've been wearing the same frames for 6ish years now. All I want in glasses is roughly rectangular lense, darkish frame, skinny arms, and no decorative features at all. Most of the time all I can find is a pair that's perfect - except for the sine-wave shape of the arms, or something similarly useless.

And would it kill them to maybe fillet the joints a bit? I know those tiny spot welds don't last forever. Plus, what's with the tendency to stamp identifying information into the narrowest bit of the frames (the bridge) right at the point of maximum bending moment (the middle)? I'm sure they don't heat treat these things, so they're just asking for a fatigue failure. It's always great when you turn your head and your glasses split themselves in half. 

Anyway, been meaning to post for a while, love the comic, fellow Mechanical Engineer (What, you noticed that already?), but the glasses issue finally got me past my general apathy toward registering for things : -) Keep up the awesome work.

Jam's picture

Thanks, nexox!  I haven't noticed these things yet about glasses, but I'm sure it won't take me very long to take a pair to failure, considering my general history with objects, objects that sit on my face in particular.

Huh, look at that it *is* stamped on the bridge of the nose... but there is also information on both ear-hangy-thingies


That sign they have is very helpful. I didn't figure out they go there until my second pair.

Jam's picture

Gotta really spell it out for the Canadians.

Sigivald's picture

Zenni is good for backup pairs.


For help with "glasses that look awesome on your face", try going to a higher-end glasses provider. They'll have people who, as part of the completely insane price they charge, <I>know what looks good on people</i> and will help you with that.


(The other part of completely insane prices is , to go with what nexox said, that you can, for your $400 for a set of frames, get, for example, titanium ones with a clever no-pin hinge. (See <a href="">here</a>).

Yeah, costs a fortune. But my pair are as good as new, frame-wise, after like four years of daily wear, and should be good for another four. Or ten. Amortized, that's cheap.)

Sidhekin's picture


moxicity's picture

I am so grateful that Instrumentarium, a huge eyewear chain where I live, has this awesome back-to-school thing every fall! Basically, you a discount on the formula of 100-your age, so if I were let's say 20, then I'd get an 80% discount on all frames. BOOYA! Me and my boyfriend got some seriously fancy designer glasses relatively cheap thanks to it. I HOPE they have it this fall too? It would be a blessing to my broke-ass student self!

e-san's picture
0 - I'm really clumsy, so I can get two pairs for less than $50 dollars here easy (I've broken alot of glasses, so backups are good). Just go to any eyeglass retailer and get your measurements (face width, pupal distance, etc.)

Jonzy's picture

First time I was buying glasses I just kept giggling because it was so strange. I changed 3 pairs so far, all different. If you have the ones with screws holding the frame part that goes around the lenses, make sure you have a screwdriver in that size because it will loosen with time.

By the way, don't be surprised with the indentations on the bridge of your nose if you end up wearing them most of the day. And be careful not to break them at the bent parts because that can't be fixed.

FunkyTuba's picture

Panel 4 needs a DERP overlaid on it

miasaki666's picture

best in my opinion, are square glasses that have no rims on the bottom,just barely big enough for your eyes. best part about these, is that many of the glasses like this have funky edges. 

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