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'round here it's definately not sweater, at least not until the sun sets. It's unseasonably warm for this time of the year. Temperatures in the range of 20 degrees or even warmer.

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I miss fall. Georgia doesn't really have a fall. At least, not at the same time as everybody else. Still looking at 70s Fahrenheit this week. Going to be nice to drive back to my alma mater in Illinois this weekend. I'll actually be able to wear a sweater without having to shuck it in the afternoon.

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I remember the moment I found out why people in the Northern American continent called autumn "fall". Australia doesn't have all that many deciduous trees, and our oak tree only ever drops its leaves at the end of winter, so it wasn't very demonstrative. I had misheard "fall" as "four", and assumed the seasons up there were numbered. I saw a cartoon, though, where they indicated the season change by showing all the trees dropping their leaves, and I had a blinding spark of realisation. They were talking about entire forests of trees dropping their leaves all at once! Incredible! I still want to see that one day. If our oak is any indication, it must be a sight to see.

We're enjoying a varied spring here. Cold days and days hot enough that I've had my first river-swim of the season. The beach is damn cold though. I should be surfing in about a month. Jeans & T-shirt weather. I guess our seasonal clothes only sort of overlap at two points a year. :)

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Fall colour can be really spectacular, you should definitely try to time a trip to experience it if you ever go stateside. The forests here are also very evergreen heavy and I miss being blown away by huge forests of orange and red. And giant leaf piles. (


In Canada's defense, we have some deciduous forests around. They're just all in Ontario and Quebec. (my parentsoften head east this time of year to visit my brother and enjoy touristy stuff. That said, they usually wind up heading through the northern states of the eastern seaboard in the US, too. Leaf colors don't recognize national borders.

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And New Brunswick! Why doesnt anyone remember New Brunswick? Though if you want to see the beautiful forests and gorgeous Fall colours (next year, all done now) you'd better hightail it out here quick cos a certain greedy family of arsewipes have managed to strongarm their way into the Crown Lands and are hauling out every log as fast as their wheels will spin. And for essentially free, because the former Premier even signed the clause that said the taxpayers would pay to fix the roads inside the Crown Lands that the logging trucks destroy! Inside 5 years there wont be a stick standing and we're told its "in the interest of the Province..." Want to see how uncontrolled hyper-capitalism destroys the place and grinds down the population that live there? Come to New Brunswick.
You should also come to meet the people and see the sights though, the "ordinary" people are truely fantastic and there are still breathtaking vistas to see. Its just that the politicans have no cujones and the Irvings know it.


Speaking as a native Vancouverite who's never been anywhere with Real Weather while it was weathering, Scarf Season is mostly a comfort thing, much like the time of year when it becomes possible to throw two blankets on the bed instead of none + a fan. :)

(But I'll admit we're all wimps here)

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