Anonymous's picture

Coommmmme......too the daaaark siiiiiide. (I have my Nano :3)

sushii's picture

I <3 apple. Macs are the only things I can't freeze.

QuetzalElla's picture

creative zen are better ^.^

Sogemplow's picture

I hate all Apple products too.
I still own an iPod.

I'm such a consumerist whore.

gregtehred's picture

ya, creative zen is better. Usually you can get a zen with equivalent features to an ipod for half the price. Not to mention that fact that my first creative (now over two years old) is still going strong (even after being submerged in cola) which probably can't be said for many ipods :)

BradleyF81's picture

I like iPods. I do sometimes wonder why they're limited in what files they support. But then... you can't stream MP4s to your XBOX 360 to watch on your TV either. It's like MS and Apple are trying to win out against each other by failing to support wider formats. Doesn't really make sense. Why not be the guy that supports all formats? There's a winning ad campaign.

Ranorath's picture

It's called linux XD, but seriously Macs can do pretty much anything at this point in time, fankly all bill has left is his pride. I happen to have the new ipod touch, it wishes it were an ipod...:D

StenDarker's picture

Yeah, people think Mac's don't glitch, freeze, get viruses, etc. that is comlete B.S.!! Mac's hide it with streamlining. Sure, all your icons disappeared, but that's only because you moved another icon over them! They'll be back... after a couple of tries.

Windows are more honest, and have all the best features. Just not as smooth. Not that Windows is exclusively the best, of course.

I vant an iPod, too, though. although any MP3 player will do.

Red the Ghost's picture
Red the Ghost

I'm the same way.
.flac support please! Why are Apple and Windows so hardheaded?

Of course I don't have money for a music player right now anyway, so I just listen to music on my laptop. ^^;

Anonymous's picture

this is extra funny for me as I'm on my iPod touch right now, using good old broken Safari

I hold a certain reputation for being able to break things. I find bugs in games and programs in general. Of course, my general response to this is "why me?"

On to my point; Macs are far from unborkable, especially when you're writing programs. At least when I make an infinite loop on a PC oriented program it stops and tells me. When I did it in the school Mac lab I got to remove the power supply.

At first I was all ((_o"
But then ((_^"
I lol'd

peacemems's picture

That's strange... I made the experience that you can kill almost any freezed program on a Mac with cmd+alt+esc...
On windows, my whole computer freezes when a program crashes...

Fact is, both systems aren't unbreakable, but when it comes to viruses, ther are simply more of them for Windows.

Also, I agree that the iPod shuffle, nano and classic aren't quite as good as Creative's products, but the iPod touch and iPhone have a completely different featureset.

(And please don't compare ANY mp3-player with "Zune" *augh >.<*)

Anonymous's picture

well ipods aren't bad. they play music kinda cheapish and easy to use.

reynard61's picture

I love Macs, but I won't touch the iPod. For some reason iPods have an irritating hiss in the treble range that only I seem to be able to hear. None of my other, cheaper .mp3 players have had it. Here is what I'm currently using:

Lumanaru's picture

I'm actually reading this comic on my iPod Touch.
I guess they do have SOME good features, eh? :3

dmcubed's picture

Yea... Macs are the only thing you can't freeze...or do anything else with...

SamRosh's picture

I am the proud owner of a Sansa Fuze. :3

miasaki666's picture

i haz neither. D: but I wanna go back to the dark side, the cookies were amazing. :C

GameShark Ken

Me want iPad & iPhone.....*drools*

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