Marin's picture

Decisions like this are always hard, but necessary if you want to get to the places you want to be in life.
Sometimes you just need to take that step out of your comfort zone and hope for the best.
But one thing I have learned is that your path in life is totally up to you. That's what makes it your life. You make things happen and you can make the best of everything, no matter how scary it is in the beginning.
Congrats on the new Job, Jam. I may not be a super genius or a life Guru, but I’m sure you're gonna do great :)

Flashover's picture

I joined a tiny three-person operation back in 2005. Going from a 100+ employee operation to this place was a culture shock. I had to do EVERYTHING from order supplies to repair the machine (yes we had ONE machine!) to mix material to load the truck.

Eventually we grew, installed a second press and robotics and hired a helper.

Soon we had six workers. Gradually, one of the original partners left for "something cooler" and the owner took ill. Over the course of a year I prepared to over the company, and made it formal in 2010.

You'll do great. There will be days you regret your decision (I have one of those a week!) but ultimately you'll learn more and grow more in this sort of environment.

programmerman1's picture

Good luck! Startups are interesting work environments, at least in software world. You learn a lot very quickly, because you're doing a little of everything. You also get a lot of understanding of what everybody else does if you go back to a cubeville job later on.

greg's picture

Oh man, good luck! My brother-in-law joined a start-up several years ago which required him to move out of the house he and my sister just bought and to another town. Luckily, things worked out great for him, but that's a huge, huge decision either way. Good luck, Angela!

Vagabondknight's picture

Congratulations on the new job! Moving to something like that is always a risk but one I'd really think is worth taking now. With your work ethic I can see that little start-up growing into something much more. I'm actually a bit envious, I chickened out when I had the potential to do something like that years ago and part of me still wonders, maybe regrets, not having the courage to take it. But in your case I think you'll do great.

Xelmon's picture

Gyah, that can be such a boom or a bust, not to mention the uncertainty factor of it all.
Here's to an awesome boom for you guys! Best of luck.

Kuipo's picture

Wow, crazy! Best of luck in your new adventure. Just remember that no matter how it turns out, the adventure can still teach you along the way!

scottven's picture

Congratulations! Working in a small shop like that can take over every ounce (sorry, 30 mL) of your being. But when you also have such a huge hand in things, the emotional rewards can be huge!

Andrew's picture

Congrats on the job change. I'd stay away from any fortune cookies for the next year, in case they say something like, "May you live in interesting times." Interesting times is just the starting point with a start-up.

Sage's picture

Jam, consider, you're moving from a big company doing your own thing, to a company where you basically have to do more yourself. That said, take a look at this:

Valve's the best of both worlds for a programmer/designer/musician/game dev.

There are MASSIVE points towards a smaller company, and while you'll have to stretch yourself a bit, doing things yourself is good for your methods, outlook, and life. Besides, you're an engineer, isn't adaptability your watchword? ;)

Ketchuo's picture

Congrats on the change of jobs jam, good luck on the new job.

Vergast's picture

Scary stuff. But engineering is awesome :) Your gonna do great Jam no worries.
Now...can i have your old job? :P

Vladimyr's picture

Can you tell me why my answers are thought to be a spam??

FunkyTuba's picture

Great news!

Being at a small company will be a busy fun ride. This point in your career is probably the best time for you to do it when you can really immerse yourself in it.

Best of Luck!

dranorter's picture

This is awesome! I forsee this making the comic more interesting as well as your life. :) Glad you found a way of trying to get more into the mechanical side of things.

Are these 'fictionalized' versions of your new co-workers like with the other job?

Jam's picture


John H's picture
John H

Congrats on the new job! Do you finally get to wear the tutu (from the original Informational Update)?

KRKubincanek's picture

Best of luck. I know the 'need new job' feeling, it is uncomfortable.
This looks like you'll get to be really creative with you work. :)

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