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Until they cut the electricity.


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Wait untill the bill arrives..... then there would be world war 4...

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I'm not so sure that I want to live in a house where there's an RF field that's sufficiently strong all over it to charge stuff... I can foresee a few problems actually getting that licensed for domestic use, even though it's technically possible.

But engineers have come up with a few gems in the past. One of my favourites was the self-contained solar-powered 'pocket' radio...

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This kind of technology (wireless power transmission) was Nikola Tesla's dream and pursued life's work.
I hope this comes true.

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The problem with Resonant Induction Charging, which is referred to as non-radiative energy transfer, is what happens to you if you happen to be in the charging path. Non-radiative it might be, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of RF energy in the direct path, because there must be in order for charging to work. It's well established that this causes tissue heating, and there are WHO limits on the amount you are allowed to be in the path of, and I suspect that the amount of energy involved here may well exceed them.

Basically, if you get a sensitive organ in the direct path between the radiator and receiver, you could potentially damage yourself.


You may want to check this out:

One of the guys working on wireless power. It's a few years old, though, but he seems fine with walking through the path.

And going from tissue heating to significant damage seems like a bit of a stretch. We're not talking Goldfinger's industrial laser, here.

Fuseblower's picture

Read George Parker's comment some way down. Clearly there isn't going to be a problem if you pass normally through the coupling, but let's say you put something down next to you when you fall asleep... you could easily get a much more prolonged exposure. But, as George points out, there's research results here which indicate against prolonged exposure to either sort of radiation (EM or radiated RF). That's why, in most of Europe, there's legislation that prevents you from building a house sited under an electricity pylon.

I'm not saying that it isn't a utopian ideal - just that you can't regulate its application, and relying on people to be sensible (or even aware of the risks) has *never* worked in the past...

Brandon Lu

So, we do something relatively simple: we build these devices and ask volunteers to use them.

Do so at a remote location where nobody else except the volunteers would be harmed if anything bad actually results from prolonged exposure.

(And of course, modify state-of-the-art devices for such volunteers...)

As an incentive, you can get your hands on and use unproven technology!
As a downfall, you're literally playing with your lifespan.

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