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Ha, Jak knows everyone.

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Was it ...Las Margaritas? I love that place

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Wonder if Jak is related to Michael Comeau from Scott Pilgrim...

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Disastrous date usually ends up either ruining the relationship forever or the best memory ever. NO MIDDLE GROUND!


Funny... that's actually how my Grandfather knew my Grandmother was "the one"...

When they first met, my Grandfather drove what was only described to me as the worst beater car ever. It made awful noises, it had an awful stench to it, it backfired regularly, it was just generally bad in all respects. I can't remember if it was the first date or what, but somehow the subject came up, and my Grandmother made the comment, "you can change the car, but you cannot change the man"... at that point, my Grandfather knew... =p

Later on, he found out that she was a lefty, and said he wouldn't have married her if he knew she was left handed... but that's besides the point... =p

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Wow, I finally caught up (after being referred by QC and spending all afternoon reading :P) and now I'm sad because there's no more... :(

Oh well, at least it's not finished finished :D


Besides, the plus side to autobiographical comics is that (barring the author's untimely death) the story still goes on even if you don't get to see it, whereas when a work of fiction is abandoned the world *ends*. I've always found that traumatic.

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