It's true that we'll miss you, but it's also true that we (most of us, anyway) understand just how hard it must be to juggle a webcomic and an engineering career. Even a weekly takes a lot of effort, and your art is certainly better than most part timers (possibly most in general).


Whirly's picture

We're definitely all going to miss you. I look forward to all your future projects though.
It's been a pleasure reading your webcomic throughout the years - going from a college student to a young career professional myself. It was awesome to read about your experiences at those same points.

Best wishes to you on all your new projects!

PS - If you got a kitteh, I really would be super happy! :D

OldDragon2A's picture

Sad to see that the end is near. Good luck and have fun.

pagangod's picture

But-but-but . . . Kitteh!

SwiftAusterity's picture

+1 vote for kitteh. If we started an online petition how many signatures for getting kitteh?

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