...pulling teeth pun the week I get my wisdom teeth out. Yay coincidence! (And yay end of persistent and annoying toothache, but boo having my hibernate button pressed (sedation, the concept of which is causing me surprisingly existential concerns as the time for it to happen approaches.)

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Relax. If identity is inherently continuous and consciousness can be disrupted by sedation, then you die each time you go to sleep anyways, so in a way there's nothing left to worry about! Anyway, I hope it goes well.


Sleep doesn't interrupt my body's ability to respond to stimulus. If you shove a dental retractor into my mouth and start pulling on my molars while I'm asleep, I'm likely to wake up. That said, I decided to think of it like the hibernate function of a computer - preserving all of the information of that instance of the OS, but disabling response to normal input devices.

And it went well for the most part. I think one of them has lost it's clot (so it's what they call a dry socket, or what I call "OMG OW!") but I've found a combination (Cepecol tablet between teeth and cheek+the prescribed Tylenol 3) that reduces it to background irritation until I can get back to the dentist tomorrow to see about a more permanent solution.

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All four of mine came out in college; two on the left, a week later, the right. Codeine for the 'discomfort', so I missed classes and sat around the apartment having *daymares*.
Since You are much, much more than your conscious mind and ego and id, don't sweat it. You'll be fine. It taught me more respect for (and avoidance of) body-mods.
"Death is Completely Safe!" --Ram Dass (Just saw the movie about his 40-year friendship with Tim Leary; WOW!) SEE Dying to Know Movie (just opened at Laemmle.)


Codiene doesn't make me hallucinate, just kinda turns my pain off (or reduces it to a low boil, in the case of the one tooth (or lack thereof) that's acting up.

And all due respect, but I'm a logic-based agnostic. If there is a part of us that exists beyond life (soul or life force or chi or whatever), it's still part of the nervous system's functions for the duration of our lives. If I were to accept that such a part of us exists on faith, I'd only be more disturbed because the idea of turning off the brain at the level that anesthetics do introduces the question as to whether or not that portion of ourselves leaves the body at that point, leaving just the meat sack, consciousness and subconscious behind.

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