miasaki666's picture

heh... like league of extraordinary gentlemen?

berserk667's picture

I can't believe you made this comic.  I read this book last year and loved it, had to reorder Behemoth.  Yes they had me at steampunk...

Festus42's picture

holy crap SteamPunk!!!!one1!!!


seriously though after reading this, I bought it for my nook

OneUniverse's picture

I like Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger", but I haven't read the comic yet.  I'll look it up.  

OneUniverse's picture

I did find "The Tijervyn Chronicles" in my wanderings...

Kurt Johnson

I still want a pet thylacine.. *sniff* I'll keep on dreaming, of exploring on the back of a flying whale, and finding one!

emilytheslayer's picture

Hilarious, I'm actually on the last few chapters of Leviathan right now, and last night had basically this same conversation with my husband. He's not that into steampunk though, so I was selling him on the sciency-stuff and the action and how Westerfield is so good at getting you the science without getting bogged down in it.

DojiStar's picture

The Unshelved comic was first in my rss reader.  It took me a couple of panels before I recognized the artist...  I must read this book.  Fortunately, my library has 26 (!) copies.

beckbat's picture

WANT. MUST HAVE. Also, when I first saw Leviathan I thought you meant the book by Hobbes, and I was like: "WAT?"

Carnegie's picture

You just made my day. I love that book. I wonder when the third one will be out?

zem's picture

I don't know what it is about the way you drew the whale airship, but it's just adorable. It helps to be floating right next to a happy thylacine. :D

Lord Pent's picture
Lord Pent

So after reading this comic, I went out, bought this book, read it in two days, and I absolutely loved ever moment of it. I can't wait for next Friday so I can go get Behemoth. 

DrDarkheart's picture

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who read this book. I've gone through most of Scott Westerfields books and they're all amazing.

Oskar Fekonja

Thank you soooo much for making this. When I read this I got the first book right away and after reading it (right away as well) I got the second one. Now I can't wait for the third, so I'll have to get the other books from Westerfeld for comfort.


Thanks again!

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