AckAckAck's picture

Ah yes, the big 10 is always exciting. The big 20 is when you think the world opened so wide for you. You approach the big 30 very carefully with some regrets attached here and there. The big 40 is when you start thinking "What have I done with my life so far?" then the big 50 approach and you are like "So this is how it feel to be old. Then the big 60 approaching and you said to yourself "I survive better than those medieval people. Then the big 70 slowly rolling in and you say "GET OUT OF MY LAWN!" The big 80 will remind you that it will be an uphill battle from now on. When the big 90 hit you decided to just enjoy life. If you're the lucky few who reached the supreme 100 Queen of England will visit and absorb you in her army.

Eddyisme's picture

My sister's great uncle is 101, for his 100th birthday he went Buffalo hunting and actually killed one. (I'm not into hunting but dang!) For his 101 birthday he is going to attend a birthday for an older ladies 102nd birthday.

The guy still drives everywhere in his own truck and lives at his own house.

He visited shortly once but had to leave soon because he had a "hot date" with a 70+ year old woman for dinner.

This isn't in Canada, so no Queen absorb him yet!

Ranmore's picture

The problem I had with 30 is that everyone expects you to act like a grown-up by that age (including yourself!)

Malric's picture

How funny. Today just happens to be my birthday. Although mine is a X1. Last year was my big X0. :) Happy birthday!

Jam's picture

Happy birthday!

KalicoFox's picture

Happy Birthday, from another June 23rder! This is my x4! ^_^

bernd's picture

My bday was the 23rd as well. Happy bday!

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30 Isn't such a big deal-you're still a kid!! 40 was a blast, 50 was okay, 60...well...I just figure it's time to do what I want. (My MIL said she figured at 50 she could say what she wanted finally.)

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