Jay's picture

That's a lot of stuff. XD

I'd die if I had to keep track of all those medicine. I just use the tried and true Chinese method of forcing myself to do things despite all obstacles.

miasaki666's picture

I'm chinese, and even I don't do that! :D

Rhia-chan's picture

xD Oh man, I thought I was bad with taking my horse-pill ecenasia and Vitamin C to keep from getting sick... (Which didn't work)

Aika's picture

Third post! This is the closest to the top I've ever been. XD At first glance, I thought the drugs mentioned were the illegal sort. Oh noes.

Excel's picture

Woah!! I'm so glad I'm not in your shoes when it comes down the "drugs". I've had problems with just one.

Mokenda's picture

lol you take about as much as me XD

OMFG you're my chibi clone in this pic :o (seriously, my hair even looks almost the same XD)

Shocky_Monkey's picture

I have perfected the art of sleeping as long as there is some noise I can nap the minute things get silent I wake up it is a nearly perfect system. It fails my grades miserably because I'll just sit there with a camcorder pointed at the board so that I don't actually have to take notes. ( If you haven't figured out how it fails me yet I fall asleep watching the video that was recorded)

innoby's picture

Ok, quickly here, Advil IS ibuprofen, Tums /= Pepto, Pepto > Tums, The part that makes you sleep in tylenol sleep is the same thing as benedryl, Tylenol Cold is just Tylenol Sleep w/ a non drowsy antihistamine, maybe some Cough Suppressant.

So here's what you do, Drop the Tums, keep the pepto, drop the Tylenol Sleep keep the benedryl, use it as a sleep aid and antihistamine, take 2-4 for a sleep aid, 1-2 for antihistamine.Tylenol (acedominaphen)'s toxic limit is much lower (relative to the amount in the pill) than benedryl's (Upwards of 15-20 Benedryl won't have too much of a lasting ill effect where as 8-10 tylenol can cause Liver damage, depending on body weight) If you ABSOLUTELY cannot sleep get the Nyquil Cough (no Acedominaphen) 4oz bottle and drink it, you'll be unconscious within 15 minutes. better yet, just go to the doctor and ask for a sleep prescrip those are much more effective and usually safer for extended use.

I used to work at a pharmacy, sooo, you're using too many different meds that all have the same ingredient. READ THE BOXES!!!

Hadrian77x7's picture

I just copied and saved innoby's comment below... yeah, that informative! Haha^^

LeGrotesque's picture

Gravol is my lifeblood.


I have a word of warning for you: Advil is a brand name for the pharmeceutical ibuprophen.  You might not want to take both.

Then again, I've had much more than double the recommended dose with no ill effects.  But then, I'm much larger than you are, if you're anywhere near as petite as your self-portraits appear.

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